New KEL-TEC SU-16B Carbine: 5.56x45mm Firepower in a Compact, Folding Package

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by David Crane

KEL-TEC CNC Industries Inc., of Cocoa, Florida, has just introduced a new carbine version of the KEL-TEC SU-16 folding rifle, called the SU-16B, or SU-16 Bravo. The SU-16 rifle is a gas-operated, semi-auto (self-loading) 5.56x45mm rifle. The new lighter and handier SU-16B carbine sports a 16" barrel. With its shorter barrel, the KEL-TEC SU-16B 5.56x45mm carbine should now be even easier to store in a vehicle, operate inside a vehicle, and transport/carry.

The KEL-TEC SU-16B 5.56 carbine takes standard 30-round NATO 4179 STANAG AR-15/M16 magazines, just like its larger, older brother. It’s presumed that the SU-16 Bravo also features…

the same forward-folding stock and trigger mechanism, fold-down forend (which becomes a bipod), and integrated M1913 Picatinny rail for mounting optics (optical gunsights), lasers, etc. We’re guessing the SU-16B carbine’s buttstock can also store spare mags, like the SU-16 rifle’s stock.

Retail price on the KEL-TEC SU-16 rifle is $640.00, and we’re guess the SU-16B’s price will be comparable.

You can contact KEL-TEC CNC Industries Inc. by phone at 321-631-0068, or via email at

New KEL-TEC SU-16B Carbine: 5.56x45mm Firepower in a Compact, Folding Package by

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