Sully Stock for AR-15/M16 Carbines and Rifles

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by Adam Morris

While attending one of Defensive Edge’s two-day carbine course Sully gave me one of his stocks to test out. The Sully Stock is a conventionally-designed AR-15/M16 fixed stock, but with a shorter length of pull designed for use with body armor, or anyone that prefers a shorter stock. It is approximately 8” long, compared to 10” for the A1 and 11” for the A2. The stocks also come with 2 buttpads. A standard lenght and an extended length that adds another 1" to the LOP.

The Sully Stock is made of solid polymer and is finished in a very nice textured matte finish. It is designed for HARD USE and can withstand…

whatever you can dish out. The Sully Stock also comes complete with all hardware needed including the Buffer Tube, Buffer, spring, butt plate, sling swivel, and screw. A note on the buffer system, it uses the ultra short tube like the RRA entry and the Ace ARFXE stocks.

Installation and Observations:
The Sully Stock and related parts mounted up with no surprises. Once mounted to the rifle the stock is very sturdy and solid in feel. The stock is heavy compared to a standard A2 or A1 stock.
At first I was a bit bothered by this, but once mounted on the rifle, it was very well balanced. The rifle that I used for testing was a 16” ultra lightweight A1. I usually have an A1 or ARFXE stock on this rifle as I found out the A2 length stocks are too long for most shooters including myself.

I ran the first day of the class with my existing setup and the ARFXE stock with the 1” rubber pad. I really liked this setup and have used it for a while, it provides very fast shouldering and an instant sight picture. One thing I did notice was that the recoil seemed very sharp compared to the A1 stock.

On the next day, I replaced the ARFXE stock with the Sully Stock. Again, the rifle shouldered very nicely, but seemed a tad to short and I was having difficulty getting a good sight picture and cheek weld. The Design behind the Sully Stock is geared towards Law enforcement and the use of body armor and I was wearing only a shirt and a Tac Vest. My solution to this was a KAC 1” extension with the sling mount. This provided an excellent LOP with my nose just at the charging handle.

The Sully Stock will be coming with a thicker butpad that you can install to address this situation. Once underway and shooting, the stock and rifle performed flawlessly. Recoil seemed to be reduced compared to the ARFXE stock and follow-up shots were quicker as a result.

I have now put about 4-5K rounds through my lightweight carbine with the Sully Stock and couldn’t be happier. With the reduced LOP and the extremely solid construction, the Sully Stock is perfect when failure is not an option. .

If you are need of a stock that reduces the LOP of the AR15 system, and want the BEST stock for the job, the Sully Stock is the answer. It is also the only answer if you require a fixed stock. The Sully Stock is available through The Defensive Edge at as well as Midwest Tactical at The stock is priced at $119.95 complete and is available in black or OD Green.

If you click here, it will take you directly to Midwest Tactical’s ordering page for the Sully Stock.

Sully Stock for AR-15/M16 Carbines and Rifles by

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