SHOT Show 2004: Shrike 5.56 Light Machine Gun/Squad Automatic Weapon.

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by David Crane

Some of you may remember the last story we did on the Shrike 5.56 LMG/SAW awhile back, titled "Shrike 5.56 by ARES Defense Systems Finally Makes it to Production.".

Well, has just published some great pics and info on the Shrike 5.56 LMG/SAW’s appearance at SHOT Show 2004 on their main web page. Geoffrey Herring, the Shrike’s designer, is also pictured. You can view more great pics, along with some more detailed info on the Shrike 5.56, by clicking on this link.

ARES Defense Systems is an interesting company. Rumor has it that ARES Defense Systems is also involved in some other "more secretive" (i.e. "black") projects for the U.S. military–although DefRev has not confirmed this.

These other projects are,…

no doubt, very interesting as well. Perhaps ARES Defense will receive clearance from the U.S. military to disclose their particulars at some point in the future. Then again, probably not.

Click here to view more pics and info on the Shrike 5.56 LMG/SAW.

Click here to watch the Shrike 5.56 LMG/SAW being demonstrated.

Here’s a link to a Tampa Tribune article that mentions the Shrike.

Click on this link to go directly to the Shrike 5.56 page on ARES Defense Systems’ website.

SHOT Show 2004: Shrike 5.56 Light Machine Gun/Squad Automatic Weapon. by

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