Rabintex to Supply R-ACH Ballistic Combat Helmets to U.S. Military

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by David Crane

Speaking of interesting articles, DefenseReview recently received a mention on Israel21c in David Brinn’s article (8th paragraph) on the Rabintex R-ACH (Advanced Combat Helmet) ballistic helmet (1,400 grams) which is designed to protect the wearer from fragmentation. Mr. Brinn also quoted me in the piece (8th paragraph).

Several years ago, DefenseReview published an article on the Rabintex "Attack" Helmet, which at 930 grams (approx. 1.92 lbs) is the lightest NIJ Level IIIA combat helmet ever produced (according to the company). That article, published in August 2003, was…

titled New ‘Attack’ Helmet by Rabintex Industries Ltd.–Lightest IIIA Ballistic Helmet.

In the Israel21c piece, Brinn quotes Rabintex marketing director Shachar Bernard on the difference in purpose between the Attack helmet and the R-ACH helmet: "We’ve developed two types of helmets – the ‘ATTACK’ helmet which is designed more for bulletproof capabilities and the R-ACH, which is more for fragmentation. The American military was more concerned with fragments, based on their vast experience in their global activities. Law enforcement agencies or police forces which are dealing with criminal activities are more concerned with bullets would find the ATTACK helmet more fitting," Bernard said.

In order to be able to supply the R-ACH to the U.S. military/DoD (Department of Defense), Rabintex has teamed with Composix Co., a U.S. company located in Newark, Ohio. The two companies formed Rabintex Holdings USA Inc., specifically to allow Rabintex to be able to sell to the DoD. "In order to be able to sell to the DOD, the R&D must be done in the US. So it was a situation of bringing the Israeli know how and technology to the US and using Composix’s American facilities in Newark, Ohio. We incorporated the vast experience that Israel has in the field to develop ideas on ballistic protection, and together with our US partner we were able to develop a product that was attractive and met the US needs," Bernard explained.

When Defense Review went to the Rabintex USA LLC. website, we found information on the Rabintex RCH-ACH helmet (less than 3.2 lbs), which we believe is the same helmet as the R-ACH, but we haven’t confirmed/verified this, yet.

You can contact Rabintex USA LLC/Composix Co. by phone at 740-345-5574, by fax at 740-345-0154, and by email at info@rabintexusa.com.

Rabintex to Supply R-ACH Ballistic Combat Helmets to U.S. Military by

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