PM-98/98S 9mm Subgun Becomes Available in the U.S.

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Described by noted gun writer Al Paulson as "an inspired cross between a Mini Uzi and MP-5", this new Polish submachine gun offering, made by Radom, looks very interesting. The difference between the PM-98 and PM-98S models is that the PM-98S lacks the former’s recoil reducer. The PM-98 fires at 640 rpm, while the PM-98S fires at 770 rpm. The gun fires from a closed bolt. Standard magazine capacity is 25 rounds, but a 15 rounder is also available for concealment purposes.

Click here for a pic and more info on the PM-98/98S on If you folow this link it will take you to Wolverine Supplies’ BRS-99 page. The BRS-99 is the semi-auto version of the PM-98/98S. Wolverine Supplies carries some pretty cool stuff. If you’d like to learn about the PM-84, which is the precursor to the PM-98/98S, just click here.


PM-98/98S 9mm Subgun Becomes Available in the U.S. by

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