New Poseiden Minishell Pump: There’s a New Badboy in Town.

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Brought to you by Centurion Ordnance, Inc.(the importer of Aguila Ammunition and the new Minishell round), the Poseiden pump-action shotgun is designed specifically for the new Minishell, already featured on this site. The Poseiden is actually made for Centurion Ordnance by a Turkish manufacturer, which has yet to be identified by DefRev. As usual, we’ll ferret out the information as soon as possible.

Hopefully, we’ll get our hands on a Poseidon shotgun, and/or get our readers some pics as soon as possible. Early reports are that the pump is a little stiff to operate. Supposedly, a sem-auto version is currently in the works.

If you’d like to get in touch with Centurion Ordnance to inquire about the Poseidon/Minishell combo, just click on this link.


New Poseiden Minishell Pump: There’s a New Badboy in Town. by

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