Pistol Dynamics Signature Custom 1911 Pistols: Tactical Art in .45 Caliber.

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by David Crane

If you’re currently looking to acquire a top notch custom tactical 1911 pistol for concealed carry or home defense, DefRev urges you to take a serious look at the pistols coming out of Pistol Dynamics. Pistol Dynamics is run by Paul Liebenberg. Liebenberg’s guns are special. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also unique in their physical specifications, and incorporate many proprietary components that you will not find on any other pistol builder’s 1911.

All of Liebenberg’s/Pistol Dynamic’s proprietary components are made with superior function as their primary purpose, not aesthetics (although they are aesthetically pleasing). For instance, Liebenberg’s/Pistol Dynamics’ proprietary broached Signature Barrels are spec’d out to be…

ammunition cabable, meaning that they will deliver groups at 25 yards that meet modern factory ammunition’s accuracy capabilities at that distance. Sub-1" groups at 25 yards are normal for Pistol Dynamics/Liebenberg barrels. If you need a tactical gun that will be reliable with all types of ammo, including what you’re likely to find on the modern battlefield, Liebenberg will build you a gun capable of sub-2" 25-yard groups, which is still plenty accurate. Liebenberg informed me over the phone that his barrels are incredibly expensive to make, but the accuracy performance they yield justifies the extra cost.

Pistol Dynamics’ frames and slides, which comprise their "Universal Chassis", are supplied to their proprietary specifications by Caspian Arms. The Pistol Dynamics proprietary match-grade bushings integrate with Liebenberg’s proprietary interchangeable front sight, which can be fitted with a proprietary fiber-optic insert. Liebenberg’s rear site, which resembles a Novak rear site, actually pre-dates the Novak and utilizes a unique fiber-optic night sight insert system as well. Pistol Dynamics’ proprietary-spec external extractors, from what DefRev understands, have yet to fail on any Liebenberg pistol. And, lets not forget the Liebenberg/Pistol Dynamics machined custom high-hold beavertail and guide rods.

You can only get all of these components on a Paul Liebenberg/Pistol Dynamics 1911 pistol.

The pistol that DefenseReview particularly likes is the Pistol Dynamics Signature ‘Combat Special’ Evolution pistol, which is a real work of combat pistol art. Price on this gun, built on the Pistol Dynamics Chassis, is $3,400. If you’re looking for a Limited competition gun that perfectly mimics the last iteration of the Pachmayr Gun Works ‘Combat Special’ 1911 pistol, you want the Pistol Dynamics/Liebenberg Signature ‘Combat Special’ Classic 1911 pistol. The price on this gun, including the base Colt 1911 pistol, is $4,400.

Pistol Dynamics’ custom 1911 are very impressive, and represent the 1911 pistol at its highest degree of evolution and perfection. If you can afford a Pistol Dynamics gun, I suggest you give Paul Liebenberg a call and order one. I’m guessing you’ll be glad you did. Call it a hunch.

By the way, in case you’re wondering where Paul came up with that
fantastic eagle logo on his ‘Scout’ line of guns, its a modified version of the Rhodesian Selous Scouts emblem/insignia. Paul hails from South Africa, and, as you may already be aware, South African military operators take their tactical armament quite seriously.

Paul Liebenberg/Pistol Dynamics can be contacted at 321-733-1266, or via email at info@pistoldynamics.com.

Click here to read a previous article I wrote about Paul Liebenberg/Pistol Dynamics. The article is titled "Pistol Dynamics Custom Retro .45 by Paul Liebenberg" (published on May 26th, 2002), and it was a recap/rundown of an "American Handgunner" article on Liebenberg/Pistol Dynamics that came out in their July/August 2002 issue.

Click here to read the first article I ever wrote about Paul Liebenberg/Pistol Dynamics, titled "Reknowned Pistolsmith Paul Liebenberg Opens His Own Shop.". DefenseReview published this article on November 25th, 2001.

Pistol Dynamics Signature Custom 1911 Pistols: Tactical Art in .45 Caliber. by

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