Penn Arms PGL65-40 ‘Fourkiller Tactical Model’ 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher

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by David Crane

DefenseReview just had a very interesting conversation with Larkin Fourkiller, of Fourkiller Consulting. Fourkiller is a retired LEO/SWAT Operator and LE Special Operations/SWAT commander. He’s also a less-lethal weapons specialist. He currently trains law enforcement agencies in (lethal) dynamic CQB (Close Quarters Battle), and in the tactical use (employment/deployment) of less-lethal weapons and munitions.

Based on DefRev’s conversation with Mr. Fourkiller, we hope to publish some articles in the near future on his take on dynamic CQB training and tactics, less-lethal weapons and munitions training, and tactical employment/deployment of less-lethal weapons during SWAT operations.

Before that happens, however, we can tell you that Mr. Fourkiller is…

a big fan of the Penn Arms 40mm Grenade launchers for tactical less-lethal munitions use. Foukiller prefers the accuracy and smokeless aspects of the 40mm grenade launchers over the 37mm variety. The 40mm grenade launchers feature a rifled barrel vs. the 37mm’s smooth bore, and the 40mm grenades/munitions are smokeless. The 40mm’s accuracy potential allows an operator to put the munition exactly where he needs to, whether it be the upper corner of a window or a specific spot on a hostile subject’s body–from a (relatively) safe stand-off distance.

Fourkiller actually has his own version of the Penn Arms 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) called the "Fourkiller Tactical Model". Fourkiller Tactical Model is a modified version of the Penn Arms PGL65-40 6-shot pump-action 40mm grenade launcher. The Penn Arms Fourkiller Tactical Model features a "Fourkiller rail attachment", which enables the attachment of an optical gunsight, tactical white light, laser sight, mace dispenser, and "other tools". Speaking of optical gunsights, Mr. Fourkiller is a bigtime advocate/proponent of the EOTech 550 Series holographic weapons sights, particularly on the Penn Arms PGL65-40 40mm MGL.

The specific EOTech unit that DefRev prefers is the EOTech 552 Holographic Weapons Sight/Holographic Diffraction Sight, which is powered by standard AA batteries. The EOTech is offers an incredibly fast sight picture and a wide field of view for dynamic CQB (Close Quarters Battle). We’re also big fans of the Aimpoint CompM2 Red Dot Sight, which also offers an extremely fast sight picture for CQB. Another primary advantage of both optical sights is that you can keep both eyes open and on the target(s) while employing them. Both the EOTech and Aimpoint are availabe from Lightfighter Tactical.

DefenseReview was extremely impressed with what Mr. Fourkiller had to say about the tactical employment/deployment of less lethal weapons/munitions during LE SWAT operations, and we look forward to sharing some of it with our readers, soon.

If you or your agency would like to inquire about or purchase the Penn Arms PGL65-40 "Fourkiller Tactical Model" 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher), you can contact Penn Arms by phone at 814-938-5279, or via email at Hans Kornberger is the president/CEO of Penn Arms.

You can contact Larkin Fourkiller/Fourkiller Consulting by phone at 765-860-9035 or 765 456-3007, or via email at David Strong works with Mr. Fourkiller. Mr. Strong can be reached at 317-502-7912, or by email at

Penn Arms PGL65-40 ‘Fourkiller Tactical Model’ 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher by

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