Parascope Urban Combat Sight (UCS): Kill the Enemy from Behind Cover

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by David Crane
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Back in early March (2007) DefenseReview got to view and handle a very interesting lightweight combat optic product at AUSA Winter Symposium 2007 called the Parascope Urban Combat Sight (UCS), which is currently being marketed by MTC Technologies (MTCT) and Tactical & Survival Specialties, Inc. (TSSI).

Before this show, we had never actually gotten our hands on one. Upon playing around with it on the floor of the exhibition (mounted on an inert training weapon), we realized that the Parascope was, as the British might say, a "neat piece of kit."

The MTC Technologies Parascope Urban Combat Sight (UCS) was designed and developed to allow an infantry soldier or tactical operator to…

quickly and effectively engage enemy targets with his rifle/carbine/SBR (Short-Barreled Rifle) while he keeps his body concealed behind cover (structural walls, vehicles, trees, etc.), essentially shooting "around the corner" at the enemy. This "around-the-corner" shooting/engagement capability has become very popular in the last few years, as demonstrated by the development of a number of similarly-purposed "around-the-corner" sighting/shooting systems, like the Corner Shot series (Corner Shot CSM, Corner Shot CS-APR 5.56 and Corner Shot 40), Australian OAVD (Off Axis View Device), Aimpoint Concealed Engagement Unit (CEU), ShieldShot Tactical Mirror Sight/BUIS, etc.

So, how does the Parascope UCS do it? First, it co-witnesses with your main combat optic/weapon sight (EOTech 552/553 HWS, Aimpoint CompM2/M3/M4 Red Dot Sight, Trijicon ACOG TA31 Series, etc.). Rotating the Parascope either clockwise or counter-clockwise–depending on whether your shooting around a righthand corner or lefthand corner–brings the top viewing port down so it becomes a side viewing port. When you look into this side viewing port, you’re now looking right through your main combat optic at the enemy, courtesy of the Parascope’s 5-sided internal prism. Now just pull the trigger. Bang, he’s dead. Bad guy dies without ever seeing you. Doesn’t even know what killed him. Even if he does spot you, all he’ll see is the weapon’s muzzle, and by then, it’ll probably be too late. You, on the other hand, live to fight another day. That’s the goal, anyway.

The Parascope attaches quickly to (and detaches from) any Mil-Std-1913 "Picatinny" rail system.
Defense Review recently got to see the Parascope UCS in action at Blackwater USA during the firing demo portion of NDIA Small Arms Symposium 2007. A TSSI rep allowed attendees to fire at various targets from behind a simulated "wall". We observed a number of people use the system to successfully hit targets positioned on the range. So, the sight appeared to work as advertised. Unfortunately, since not enough time was allotted for the firing demo, we didn’t get a chance to try the Parascope out for ourselves. We weren’t exactly pleased about this. Oh, well.

Long story short, if you’re looking for an around-the-corner shooting/engagement capability for your shoulder weapon, the MTCT Parascope Urban Combat Sight (UCS) may just be the ticket.

By the way, the Parascope UCS was reportedly originally collaboratively developed by DARPA and the Army Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC), Fort Monmouth, NJ before MTC Technologies (MTCT) took the project on in mid-2003 and simplified the concept into a non-powered optic, rather than a powered one (electrical power). We haven’t confirmed this history, yet, however.

Editor’s Note: Approximately a year ago, in March 2006, DefenseReview published an article by Bob Taubert on the Modern Day Marine Expo that mentioned the Parascope UCS.

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Parascope Urban Combat Sight (UCS): Kill the Enemy from Behind Cover by

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