Non-Magnetic/Non-Detectable Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Covert Ops

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Awhile back, DefenseReview reported about a firm manufacturing non-magnetic/non-detectable synthetic edged weapons and pointed weapons (i.e. slicing and stabbing weapons) for clandestine carry and covert use by government, military, and law enforcement (LE) personnel.  These weapons can be carried literally anywhere on the person and, because of their materials and configurations, are very unlikely to be detected by even highly-trained personnel.  These weapons are camouflaged, in that they look like look like–and can be carried like—ordinary items that most people carry with them every day, and they’re totally invisible to metal detectors.

One of the products being offered is a slicing weapon that’s the same size and shape as a credit card, but it is sharpened on several sides.  This “concealed card” synthetic edged weapon has been recently updated with new materials and grind profiles—product-improved, if you will—in response to feedback the company has received from military and law enforcement personnel worldwide.  One version of the card is…

made from G10 laminate with a Rockwell hardness of 110 on the Rockwell “M” scale. The other version is made from Melamine laminate, which contains fibers that creates a jagged cutting edge when sharpened/ground. Rockwell hardness for this material is 120 on the Rockwell “M” scale. Both cards are described by the company as “super hard”, and are .031 (.031”) inches thick.

Government, military, and law enforcement personnel who wish to purchase the card will need to specify whether they are right-handed or left-handed, because there is a “Right Handed Card” and “Left Handed Card”. Whichever you choose, the card is hand-sharpened (hand-ground) using a diamond file across the entire top (short end). If you’re holding the Right Handed Card with the sharpened short side up, the entire left side of the card is sharpened. The Left Handed Card is sharpened on the opposite long side. The card weapons can be re-sharpened with a lady’s diamond nail file following the same bevel.

These cards won’t cut paper, but they will cut your skin “with no problem” and, according to the company, "could become your very best friend in an emergency situation."

A 5-inch bookmark-style weapon is also available with a sharpened, semi-round end.

The company also makes non-magnetic/non-detectable synthetic pointed weapons. Here’s what we said about them in a previous piece:

"The last two items are clandestine stabbing weapons, and they’re very cool and handy. One is 5.5" long, looks just like a certain kind of inexpensive pen, and can be carried in a shirt or jacket pocket. Very unobtrusive. This item is scary sharp. The point looks like an ice pick-type circular point, but it’s actually sharpened with a blade edge at the very tip. I’m guessing this is to aid it in penetrating protective clothing like body armor. The last item is a similar configuration, but it’s thinner, slightly longer at roughly 5.75" and can be carried in a pocket or taped somewhere hidden on your clothing or body. It’s also made out of a different color (darker) material. Like the "pen", it’s also scary sharp. Both items can be sharpened with a diamond file, just like the rest."

DefRev recommends that you read that article, which explores the potential uses of these synthetic stabbing weapons.

Without going into specifics about how we’ve tested them, let’s just say that Defense Review has successfully carried all of these synthetic weapons through checkpoints manned by screening personnel, metal detectors, and X-Ray machines with no problem whatsoever. They were apparently undetectable on those occasions.  That’s all we’re going to say on that. So, they work in that regard. Fortunately, we’ve never had to employ them for any type of anti-personnel use, so we can’t attest to their efficacy in that regard.

Since they’re made by hand, each weapon is unique. No two weapons are identical. They appear to be perfectly designed for their intended use. Small, lightweight, undetectable (especially by metal detectors), impervious to the elements, and camouflaged as everyday items, they are a covert operator’s last line of defense—potentially life-saving tools.

Because they’re virtually undetectable (or at least extremely difficult to detect) by even experienced screening personnel utilizing sophisticated screening technology, these covert/clandestine synthetic weapons are only available to verified government, military, and law enforcement personnel. If you would like to inquire about pricing or availability for any of the weapons described, you can contact Anthony Taylor by phone at 203-733-6030, or via email at [email protected].

Click here to read DefRev’s previous article on this synthetic weapons technology, titled Advanced Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Clandestined Carry: Reloaded.

Non-Magnetic/Non-Detectable Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Covert Ops by

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