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Advanced Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Clandestined Carry: Reloaded.

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Awhile back, DefRev reported on a very cool line of synthetic edged and pointed self-defense tools for clandestined carry being made by a certain as yet unnamed outfit. You can view that story by clicking on this link. Well, we just got the updated "new and improved" batch, and they’re even better than before.

The new material is described as a "super hard synthetic" that registers "120" on the Rockwell M scale. This new material is high-tech and very lightweight (with an interesting coloration). DefRev received four items for evaluation, with a fifth on the way. We’ll start with the "credit card".

The new and improved "credit card" is now sharpened on two full sides. The sides it’s sharpened on will depend on…

whether you’re right or left-handed. The blade edges on this item are very sharp, and DefRev’s sample has a kind of jagged edge on the lengthwise edge. This item can be sharpened using a diamond nail file, as can a thicker model which is made to be used in place of a couple of common travel items, since it can effectively mimic their appearance. DefRev hasn’t received the thicker model yet, so we don’t yet know which edges are sharpened on it, but I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s probably sharpened in a similar fashion to the thinner model.

Another item is slightly over 5.5" long and about an inch wide(and very thin), and is sharpened like a blade on one of the narrow ends. The end that’s sharpened is rounded and extremely sharp. This item is made to mimic another everyday benign item that the average traveller can take with them. It will "coordinate" well with other normal travel materials. It can even be further camouflaged with certain designs or writing on it. A diamond file is the sharpening tool of choice for this one, too.

The last two items are clandestine stabbing weapons, and they’re very cool and handy. One is 5.5" long, looks just like a certain kind of inexpensive pen, and can be carried in a shirt or jacket pocket. Very unobtrusive. This item is scary sharp. The point looks like an ice pick-type circular point, but it’s actually sharpened with a blade edge at the very tip. I’m guessing this is to aid it in penetrating protective clothing like body armor. The last item is a similar configuration, but it’s thinner, slightly longer at roughly 5.75" and can be carried in a pocket or taped somewhere hidden on your clothing or body. It’s also made out of a different color (darker) material. Like the "pen", it’s also scary sharp. Both items can be sharpened with a diamond file, just like the rest.

Now, I don’t want to get gruesome here, but when handling these super-sharp pen-like stabbing tools, I can’t help thinking that they’re intended primarily for jamming into a badguy’s eyeball or neck. On a quick neck strike, the two obvious targets would be the throat/trachia (in the front) and jugular vein/carotid artery area on the side of the neck. Theoretically, one could also aim for the ear canal or groin. On a rear attack, an ear canal strike would still be a viable option. An even better target might be the back of the neck at the base of the skull. The last (obvious) area to aim for would be the kidney (either side). I’m sure either of these implements can also be jammed quite effectively into a badguy’s armpit towards a lung, down through his clavicular socket(towards a major artery), or up under or between his ribs. The "cards" seem ideal for fast face and neck slicing. I know–these are not pleasant things to think, talk, or write about, but one must understand that these items are last-ditch, back-against-the-wall, "do or die" self defense items to be used only when your or someone else’s life are in immediate and mortal danger, and deadly force is justified/authorized.

Because all of these items are totally synthetic and therefore totally undetectable by metal detectors (and probably a few other forms of airport and government-type security), they are currently only available to verified military and law enforcement personnel who have a specific need for clandestine weaponry of this nature. All of these items can be hidden and carried just about anywhere on one’s person or in one’s things since they’re all relatively small and extremely lightweight. These are serious tools for serious people, to be sure. DefRev looks forward to receiving and examining/evaluating any new and unique items that the maker comes up with in the future. Stay tuned.

If you would like to inquire about the availability or price of any of the items described in this article, please contact Anthony Taylor by phone at (203) 431-9237, or via email at [email protected].

DefRev may provide pictures of the items described above in a follow-up piece. Then again, we may not.

Advanced Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Clandestined Carry: Reloaded. by

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