ZM-87 Anti-Personnel Laser/DEW Used Against U.S. Troops.

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by David Crane

Well, it looks like we’ve officially entered the era of Directed Energy Weapon’s, a.k.a. DEW’s. It’s just been disclosed that two of our Apache attack helicopters got "illuminated" by a group of four North Korean MiG jets back in March.

The actual illuminating was accomplished using what is believed to have been a Chinese-made ZM-87 anti-personnel laser. At the time of the encounter, the Apaches were…

flying a mission off the coast of Korea.

This is the first incident I’ve ever heard of where an antipersonnel laser has been used as an actual weapon by one military against another. It’s most likely a harbinger of things to come, as DEW’s become more prevalent in the coming years on future battlefields.

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ZM-87 Anti-Personnel Laser/DEW Used Against U.S. Troops. by

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