New Tactical Impact Device(TID) for Surefire Flashlights.

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This nasty little number was apparently created as a "less than lethal alternative force option" by a personal protection specialist/trainer("Kensho" from, along with some help from the boys at GG&G. The "Tactical Impact Device", or TID, is basically a replacement lamp housing for Surefire flashlights that incorporates large "teeth" that are sure to put a rather serious hurt on anyone unlucky enough to get jabbed. The new unit makes a Surefire flashlight look like it was cross-bread to a fresh-water lamprey.

As it’s creator states, it was developed to be used as "a down and dirty Koppo Stick, Limb Destruction, "De Fang", GUNTING and PPCT, Yawara, Kashira stick, Kubotan etc.." A rubber "shroud"(which will cover up the "teeth"), will probably be offered as well, to make the TID look benign during certain types of travel.

The "Tactical Impact Device" (TID) will be available soon through GG&G , Triple Aught Design, and Shomer Tech. Click on this link to read more about the TID on GG&G’s site.


New Tactical Impact Device(TID) for Surefire Flashlights. by

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