New L.U.L.A.(Loader/Unloader Accessory) by GTS

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We don’t have one of these for testing yet, but have it on pretty good authority that the L.U.L.A. is a pretty useful little accessory for AR-15/M16 and CAR-15/M4 owners and users. Using the LULA, one can load a 30 round AR-15 mag in about 35 seconds. The LULA is compact and lightweight, and is currently in use by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and Israeli Police units. The device is currently being imported by GTS, which stands for Glock Tactical Stock, LLC. The Glock Tactical Stock appears to be GTS’s primary product, hence the company’s name. Anyway, LULA’s for other weapons are currently in the works.

DefRev looks forward to getting our hands on a couple of these loader/unloader devices soon for a complete review. To visit the LULA page on the GTS’s website, just click on this link.

If your computer can handle it, click here to see video of the L.U.L.A. in action.


New L.U.L.A.(Loader/Unloader Accessory) by GTS by

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