New German-Made SPR-Config AR-15. Meet the OA-SPR.

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Markus Maassen writes:
"The German firm Oberland Arms licence- produces a brand-new Model for all AR15/M16 fans. The OA-SPR is a german made quality product, showing the best of german workmanship. The flat-top receivers are CNCprecision- machined from an Alloy normally used in the formula 1. Accuracy of the SPR is consistenly 1" or better.

Due to the restrictive export laws in the US concerning Guns the german firm Oberland Arms decided to licence produce…

the lower and upper reveicer of the AR-15 as a semi-automatic option for shooters named OA-15. The receiver are made from Constructal F53, an aluminium alloy.They are produced on CNC-machines and said to be of superior quality. The firm also produces the OA-SPR(Special Purpose Rifle]), The barrel is made by Lothar Walther, furniture is by DPMS, and accesories by A.R.M.S. The SPR shoots groups under 1 MOA. Price is €3500.

The Tolerances on the receivers are tight and well fitted. For information and pics, contact Oberland Arms at", or check the following two german papers on shooting matters:

Caliber 4/2003

DWJ(Deutsches Waffen Journal) 2/2003."

The author, Markus Maassen, is not connected to the Oberland ARms firm in any way and due to german Law can take no responsibilty for the Links given, as well as their contents.

New German-Made SPR-Config AR-15. Meet the OA-SPR. by

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