Line of Sight Anti-Tank (LOSAT) Weapon System. Tank Hunter Supreme.

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by David Crane

There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s called LOSAT. Brought to you by the good and enterprising people at Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, LOSAT is one of a new group of anti-tank weapon systems that is quickly changing the face of the modern battlefield, specifically in the area of ground-to-ground combat.

Here’s my prediction right now: weapon systems like the LOSAT are going to make tank warfare a non-option for our enemies in the future, since these weapons can kill tanks so quickly, easily, and cheaply. Remember, modern main battle tanks are…

very expensive to produce, and it just isn’t cost effective to build them when super-advanced, highly mobile anti-tank missile systems(with four missiles ready to go at a moment’s notice) mounted on Humvees are driving around hunting for them.
Click here to read more about the LOSAT on Lockheed Martin’s “Missiles and Fire Control” website.

Click on this link to see an extremely cool video of the LOSAT in action, set to some funky ’80’s-style rock instrumental.

Click here to see another video on the LOSAT with commentary and no rock music.

Line of Sight Anti-Tank (LOSAT) Weapon System. Tank Hunter Supreme. by

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