NAA Guardian .32 NAA and .25 NAA: Pocket Pistols with Added Penetration

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by David Crane

For anyone on the lookout for a new pocket pistol for concealed carry (CCW), you might want to check out these two new offerings from North American Arms (NAA). They’re called the Guardian .32 NAA and Guardian .25 NAA (25NAA).

The purpose of both these guns is to give some increased punch/penetration to the traditional .32 ACP and .380 ACP cartridges, especially when fired from a pocket pistol/mouse gun with a short barrel.

The Guardian .32 NAA pistol is chambered for the proprietary .32NAA cartridge, a.k.a. the 32/380 cartridge, which is manufactured by Cor-Bon. The .32 NAA (32/380 cartridge) is a bottle-necked cartridge. It’s essentially a .380 ACP necked down to .32 ACP. It launches a 60 gr. .32 caliber proprietary Hornady bullet in excess of

1222 fps. from the 2.5" NAA Guardian barrel. It generates 199 ft. lbs of energy at the muzzle.

The North American Arms (NAA) Guardian .25 NAA (25NAA) pistol, by contrast, is chambered for the new and proprietary .25NAA (25NAA), a.k.a. 25/32 cartridge. The 25NAA utilizes a .32 caliber case necked down to .25 caliber (making it, also, a bottlenecked cartridge), thus the 25/32 cartridge designation. The .35 gr. .25 NAA round achieves 1275 fps out of the Guardian’s 2" barrel, utilizing a 35gr Hornady XTP bullet. Gelatin penetration behind "heavy clothes" is claimed (by NAA) at 10".

Ed Sanow, noted ballistics expert and editor of "Tactical Response" Magazine, helped NAA develop and test both cartridges. Click here to view the results of the ".25NAA 35 grain (Hornady) XTP Exterior and Wound Ballistics" tests.

North American Arms (NAA) can be contacted by phone at 800-821-5783. Sandy Chisholm, President of NAA, can by contacted via email at Ken Friel, NAA’s General Manager, can be reached at NAA’s Sales Manager, Bob Marshal, can be contacted at

Click here to see the initial new product release for the .32NAA cartridge/pistol combo.

Click here to see the Shot Show 2004 Flyer for the .25 NAA (25NAA).

Click here to read Dave Spaulding’s review of the .32 NAA cartridge from "Law and Order" magazine.

NAA Guardian .32 NAA and .25 NAA: Pocket Pistols with Added Penetration by

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