Mobile Ballistic Fighting Position for Perimeter Security and Force Protection

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by David Crane
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STS Security Products, LLC, a division of Special Tactical Services, LLC (STS), displayed a rapid-deployable mobile ballistic barrier/gun platform at the 2007 NDIA Small Arms Symposium, Exhibition, and Firing Demo that they’re billing as "the most advanced ballistic barrier ever designed". It’s called the "Mobile Ballistic Fighting Position" for Entry Control Points (ECPs), or M.B.F.P. for for short, and it’s designed specifically to provide enhanced protection/security through increased armored firepower at Entry Control Points (ECP’s), replacing existing sandbags or concrete jersey barriers. The MBFP is mobile armored machine gun firing platform consisting of an STS Modular Armored Security Shield (M.A.S.S.) ballistic barrier that’s been mounted/positioned on a DOT-rated mobile wheeled platform. So, the MBFP makes the M.A.S.S. system portable/mobile, and therefore more versatile for dynamic infantry combat environments.

The STS Mobile Ballistic Fighting Position that DefenseReview saw incorporated the STS C-Through Shields (transparent armor a.k.a. bullet-resistant glass shields) for some of the machine gun positions on the platform.  The system allows the end user to…

mount heavy machine guns like the M2HB .50 BMG "Ma Deuce" heavy machine gun and Mk19 40mm grenade machine gun/automatic grenade launcher (GMG/AGL). A pintle mount adapter is incorporated into the system for each weapon (i.e. machine gun). The 3/8" AR500 steel armor plate element of the MBFP is designed to provide protection against any/all ammo up to 7.62mm AP (armor-piercing a.k.a. armor-penetrating) rounds, and have, according to the company, defeated .50 cal. steel core ball rounds fired from 100 meters away. The MBFP’s 20-degree deflection angle (steel armor portion) no-doubt contributes to this anti-ballistic (i.e. bullet resistant) capability.

Optional accessories for the M.B.F.P. include the following:

– Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) Screening for protection against piezoelectric-fuzed RPG warheads
– Outriggers for stability on rough terrain
– Stairs with rails
– Ammunition holders
– Clearing Barrels
– Supports for camouflage netting and many additional custom mounts based on end-user requirements

Click here to view a more detailed list of the optional accessories outlined above, including a BWS Gun Tub with power box and LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device), medical kit, spare ammunition holder, spare barrel hanger, C-Through Shield (a.k.a. C-Thru Shield) on Mk93 with the M2HB .50 Cal. machine gun.

The MBFP is available in sizes from 12-54ft, and is easily reconfigured according to end-user needs/requirements.

The MBFP is an interesting mobile weapons platform a.k.a. mobile gun platform, and Defense Review is interested to see how it performs in theatre. Its portable/mobile aspect certainly makes it much more versatile and useful than a static gun platform.

Company Contact Info:

STS Security Products, LLC

5194 Cleveland St.

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

757-554-0699 Office

208-693-9692 Fax

Mobile Ballistic Fighting Position for Perimeter Security and Force Protection by

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