M16 Clinic/727 Counter-Terror Training Unit (CTTU) Aircraft Assault Course

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by David Crane
[email protected]

The M16 Clinic, manufacturer of the M16 Viper series carbines and subcarbines/SBRs (short-barreled rifles), has teamed up with the 727 Counter Terror Training Unit (C.T.T.U.). The 727 CTTU will provide aircraft assault (i.e. tubular assault) training, including IHR (In-extremis Hostage Rescue) training, to law enforcement SWAT units.

The inaugural 727 CTTU Aircraft Assault Course is scheduled for April 27, 2007 through April 30th, 2007. Tuition is $750 per student, and the class size is limited to 30 students. The fully-operational 727 training aircraft (jet aircraft) has been donated by Federal Express (FedEx).

727 CTTU Aircraft Assault Course Facts:

– LEO attendees become aircraft assault proficient and gain expertise necessary
to SAFELY recover both hostages and aircraft from hostile forces.

– Mission/Incident Specific EMS training

– Emergency Bomb Interdiction and Personnel Evacuation

– Linguistics in Arabic, Farsi & Hebrew

– Comprehensive training supported by full service lodging,
dining, transport and entertainment accommodations.
Direct flights from major hub airports into Port of Columbus.

– 727-CTTU is partnering with Ohio State Highway Patrol and Columbus Police Dept.

M16 Clinic and 727 CTTU recently attended the 23rd Annual NTOA Tactical Operations Conference and Vendor Show (2006), which was hosted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in Burbank, CA.

Company Contact Info:

You can contact the 727 Counter Counter-Terror Training Unit (CTTU) by phone at 614-287-7107, or via email at [email protected].

You can contact M16 Clinic by phone at 505-891-0282, or via email at [email protected]. Ask for Greg Leaf.

Note: The M16 Clinic weapons and upper receivers/upper receiver assemblies are currently only available to active duty military personnel, active duty law enforcement personnel, and civilian PMC/PSC contractors operating overseas/OCONUS under the auspices of the U.S. State Department (U.S. Department of State).

Additional 727 CTTU/M16 Clinic photos from the NTOA Tactical Operations Conference and Vendor Show (2006):

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M16 Clinic/727 Counter-Terror Training Unit (CTTU) Aircraft Assault Course by

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