KOBRA EKP-1S Fast Action Collimator Sight for Your Kalashnikov

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According to Tantal’s Collector Resource, the KOBRA EKP-1S Fast Action collimator sight is "currently used in the field by Russian OMON SPETsNAZ. The site goes on to say that "The Kobra EKP-1S Fast Acquisition Collimator Sight is currently used by the Russian armed forces, to include the MVD and it’s OMON special forces. They have also been seen in service recently in Chechnya, and are proving to be worthy of the Russian military tradition of reliability, form, and function."

The latest version of the sight is the…

KOBRA EKP-1S-03M. The KOBRA EKP-1S-03M can be mounted to all AK’s via the standard side mounting rail system/optics plates used by all Kalashnikovs.

Click here to visit NightVisionWeb.com’s KOBRA combat sight page. You can purchase a KOBRA sight from them.

You can also purchase a KOBRA sight from Impact Guns.

If you’re interested in getting a soft carrying case for your AK, click on this link.

KOBRA EKP-1S Fast Action Collimator Sight for Your Kalashnikov by

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