High-Tech Spray-On Armor for Vehicles and Buildings Continued…

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by David Crane

DefRev’s previous article on Spray-On Elastomeric Polymer Armor was titled "U.S. Military Testing Spray-On Polymer Armor". The spray-on polymer armor is being used to reinforce evertything from Humvees to Government buildings against both ballistic and explosive threats. In that story, we didn’t include the name of the company that is applying the polymer armor coating because we didn’t know it.

Well, now we do. The company is called…

Line-X Corporation. Line-X specializes in spray elastomers, including pure polyurea sprays, and is primarily known for coating truck bedliners. However, Line-X is now doing a lot of work for the U.S. Government in the area of bomb protection and ballistic protection.

Here are some interesting facts about Line-X Corporation:

— First successful high temp/high pressure elastomeric bedliner

— First nationwide spray-on truck bedliners and protective coating franchise. Recognized in INC 500 and Entrepreneur Magazines. Also recognized in almost every major truck publication including Motor Trend, Truckin, Sport Truck ,Street Trucks, Petersons 4 Wheel and Offroad and many more.

— First commercially available pure polyurea

— First to develop a bomb blast coating. This coating has been tested by Army Corps of Engineers and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Products recognized by Popular Mechanics, Nationwide TV News Media, and Sixty Minutes II.

— First to apply a non-skid pure polyurea onboard a U.S. Navy Submarine

— First to develop a pure polyurea secondary containment product

This page has some good info on Line-X’s spray-on elastomeric polymer coatings.

Here’s the direct link to the original Army Times article on the Line-X spray-on polymer armor.

LINE-X Industrial Coatings division can be reached by calling LINE-X Corporate at 800-831-3232 or 714-850-1662.

PAXCON is Line-X’s "Anti-Terrorist Bomb Blast Protective Coating", or "Anti-Terrorism Blast Mitigation" coating. This article, from the Orange County Register (December 4th, 2002) , discusses how Line-X PAXCON is being used to harden the Pentagon against potential impacts and bomb blasts. This blast mitigation technology is of course just a small part of the overall (extensive) Homeland Security antiterrorism/counterterrorism strategy package for protecting high profile target buildings. It’s the last line of defense, so to speak, if all other preventative measures fail (let’s hope not!).

Paxcon’s Military Projects page displays all the military projects utilizing LINE-X PAXCON.
Click here to read letters from U.S. Representative Christopher Cox (California) to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell regarding Line-X Paxcon. They’re in PDF format.

The following video clips are in RealPlayer format:

Click here to watch a Fox 11 News story on Paxcon.

Click here to watch a Fox 5 News broadcast on Paxcon.

If you’d like to inquire about Paxcon, you should contact LINE-X Industrial Coatings division and LINE-X Corporate at 800-831-3232 or 714-850-1662.

High-Tech Spray-On Armor for Vehicles and Buildings Continued… by

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