FrogLube Weapons Lubricant (Gun Lubricant)/Cleaner/Protectant: Green Gun Lube for Navy SEALs (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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March 29, 2011

While we’re on the subject of weapons lubricants, we should perhaps mention our recent encounter with FrogLube CLP-Plus biodegradable/green weapons lubricant (gun lubricant)/cleaner/protectant on the last day of SHOT Show 2011. We ran into Larry Lasky at the FrogLube booth, and he was nice enough to give us a quick product demo (see embedded video below).

FrogLube weapons lube is biodegradable/biosafe/non-toxic. It’s comprised of a proprietary formula of “food-grade” ingredients, more specifically 22 different plant materials (100% American-made plants), and has, according to Mr. Lasky, received bio-certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In fact, according to Mr. Lasky, Frog Lube gun lube is so bio-safe, you can use it as a skin cream or lip balm substitute, if you’d like. You can see him demonstrate this in the video clip, below. It even smells edible, just like Wintergreen! We don’t know what happens if you eat it, though, so we’d advise the reader against doing so. It’s generally a bad idea to eat your gun lube.

FrogLube comes in both liquid and paste form. Both product formats can be used to lubricate and clean your firearm, and also protect it from rust, according to the company. DefenseReview hasn’t put FrogLube to the high-round-count/adverse-conditions test, yet, so we can’t confirm all of this, at present–but we’ll to rectify this, soon. We’re particularly curious as to how FrogLube works on full-auto/select-fire weapons like the FERFRANS HVLAR (High Volume Light Automatic Rifle) gas piston/op-rod IAR-type (Infantry Automatic Rifle-type) AR carbine and FERFRANS SOAR AR SBRs (Short Barreled Rifles), which were designed and developed specifically to be run heavily on full-auto. That’s where the rubber will really meet the road. Let’s just hope the rubber don’t melt!

If Frog Lube can handle the FERFRANS weapons in a Falcon Security Group (FSG) tactical training (tactical shooting instruction) class, it can probably handle just about anything. We’ll try to get some sent to them for test and eval, assuming they’re willing. Currently, Defense Review only has a very small sample container of FrogLube paste in our possession.

Editor’s Note: While conducting the demo for us, Mr. Lasky made a joke about how you can use FrogLube for just about everything except your brakes. Since I was concentrating on filming while I was listening, and we were talking about weapons lubricant (so, I had guns on the brain), the joke zipped right by me, at first. Without grasping the proper context of the joke, ironically, I initially thought he meant muzzle brakes, not car brakes. I eventually got it, though. You’ll see this in the video.

The following information comes from the FrogLube website:

Revolutionary Cleaner and Lubricant

FrogLube™ is a revolutionary biodegradable lubricant made from ‘food-grade’ ingredients using a proprietary formula. It is a non-toxic cleaner that dissolves carbon on contact and suspends other fouling particles such as copper, lead, sand, dust and dirt found in gun barrels and deposited elsewhere in weapons. It does this by “seasoning” the metal-which means it adheres deep into the pores which results in a durableslippery surface affect. This seasoning improves after repeated use until the gun metal, bore and surface areas reach a saturation level. For this reason, it is best to apply FrogLube™ when metal is warm, because heat causes expansion and opens the pores for more complete absorption. Seasoning is complete when additional applied FrogLube™ is no longer absorbed. It’s like carrying your extra lube in your gun!

Eliminates petroleum products

Because of the metal seasoning affect, you will find that the myriad of other cleaning, lubricating, preservative and solvent products currently in use will no longer be required to attain “complete” gun care. FrogLube™ liquid and paste are designed to be used interchangeably-that is both perform as cleaner, lube and protectant. The liquid formula is designed to clean, degrease and lube and the paste is primarily protectant, but serves as a great ‘stick-where-you-want-it’ lube and an excellent bore cleaner. For example, bore cleaners can be eliminated because mirror finish FrogLubed™ bores no longer allow fouling particles to stick. The amount of FrogLube™ required will be a function of the amount of use, environmental conditions and/or storage duration.

Rust concerns be gone

Rust concerns are virtually eliminated. FrogLube™ will actively occupy and supplant rust or corrosion at those contact points because of it’s greater chemical affinity to ferrous material. When water contacts metal that has been seasoned with FrogLube™, it is repelled and will ‘bead’ on the surface.

Safe for People and the Environment

FrogLube™ is non-flammable, has extremely wide temperature range and it’s nonhazardous. Human contact with FrogLube™ is safe; there are no known toxins. Used cleaning rags are safe to launder. It is friendly to plastics, rubber and urethane. It preserves and moistens o-rings, nylon and rubber parts.

100% USA produced, USA ingredients and USA manufactured!

FrogLube™ represents the Future in lubricant innovation and it’s the only responsible choice for performance, protection, safety, energy independence and economic patriotism.”

Company Contact Info:

Larry Lasky
FrogLube Weapon Care Products
PO Box 60581
San Diego, CA 92107
Phone: 619-400-7692
Fax: 619-224-3348
Sales Email:
General Email:

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FrogLube Weapons Lubricant (Gun Lubricant)/Cleaner/Protectant: Green Gun Lube for Navy SEALs (Video!) by

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