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Fireblade Systems Counter-Strike 1911 Pistol (.45ACP) for Tactical Application

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Randy Adams, of Fireblade Systems, has introduced a custom-built, no-nonsense tactical 1911 pistol package in .45ACP, called the "Counter-Strike 1911". The Counter-Strike 1911 pistol is built primarily for extreme reliability and maximum utility under stress. From the pictures DefenseReview has seen, Adams’ Counter-Strike 1911 pistol reminds us of the kind of custom 1911 pistol work we’ve seen (in pictures) by Larry Vickers and Hilton Yam, and emulates those two (top-notch) pistolsmiths’ principle/philosophy of nothing extraneous/superfluous (i.e. unnecessary or non-functional) on the weapon. In other words, the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle.

Like Mr. Vickers and Mr. Yam, Adams prefers a half-length guide rod to a full-length one (believing a full length guide rod to be a solution to a non-existent problem), and his Counter-Strike 1911 adheres to a form-follows-function design aesthetic.

Here’s what Mr. Adams has to say about the Fireblade Systems Counter-Strike 1911 pistol:…

"This package is designed with combat in mind so it can take anything you throw at. The package can be adapted to any of the 1911s posted on my website as acceptable base guns. I do not have all the figures together for the price. Some models will vary slightly in price from others due to extra work that will have to be done. (Ex. Springfield frames need a little welding to the rear tangs for the Ed brown grip safety. You can email me thru my website and I can work up a quote for your particular model.

The gun pictured is a Springfield mil spec frame with a Caspian slide. I chose the Caspian slide because the lack of roll marks and I prefer the slide serrations they offer. To get the package you do not have to buy a new slide your existing slide can be used. The frame and slide are Duty fit it’s not as tight as a match fit. But it tightens things up to where the slide cycles smoothly and there are no sloppy rattling noises. Enough room is left in the fit to allow for dirt and grime buildup and not sacrifice functioning or reliability in harsh or dirty environments.

A Kart match grade barrel is used it is the best barrel in my opinion it gives superior performance. On the other end an Ed Brown gunsmith fit bushing is used. It is fit to give match grade accuracy but it can be removed by hand without the use of bushing wrenches. The barrel is also cut flush with the bushing and recessed crowned. This will better protect the crown from damage over the standard setup. A recoil plug and guide setup is used for easy of disassembly. It is also my belief full length guide rods add nothing positive to the 1911. Novak low mount white dot sights are used they offer a good sight picture and are as tuff as the come. The front sight is pinned in place and the rear has a detent drilled in the rear for the set screw. These sights are not going anywhere. Also by using the Novak cut Heinie fans can use the Heinie sights made for the Novak cut so that gives you another option if you choose.

The mag catch is a Wilson combat extended model. I cut it at an angle for a no slip grip. I have seen sweaty hands and gloved hands have problems with the standard design mag catch. The angle cut was designed to eliminate this it is also checkered at 40lpi. When you reach out with your thumb to contact the mag catch your thumb hits the bottom of the angle and then you can roll your thumb forward following the angle of the catch for a positive release of the magazine.

The trigger is an Ed brown lightweight trigger that has been adjusted for overtravel and the set screw soldered in place to eliminate any problems associated with the screw backing out. The rest of the trigger components are EGW competition Edm sear, Nowlin tool steel hammer, C&S disconnector, CMC hammer strut. The trigger is tuned to a crisp 4lbs. The beavertail is an Ed brown memory groove it offers a high yet comfortable hand hold. The trigger guard is slightly undercut to add to the comfort of the high grip.

Stippling to the front strap, trigger guard, mainspring housing for added grip for any type condition you may find yourself in. The recoil plug is also stippled it completes the look but also makes the bushing easier to turn over the plug versus the standard checkered. The magwell is hand beveled for faster reloads. All sharp edges received a moderated carry bevel it removes the sharp corners without destroying the original lines of the 1911. And the finish is Dupont Teflon S in satin black also done in house."

Adams has already built custom 1911 pistols for LE SWAT/SRT operators, and according to him, these guns have all worked flawlessly (i.e. no malfunctions), so far. Adams says that with proper care and maintenance, his guns will run as reliably as a 1911 pistol can possibly run.

If you’d like to inquire about pricing for the Counter-Strike 1911 package (.45ACP), you can contact Randy Adams/Fireblade Systems via email at [email protected]. Adams’ current turnaround time is 2-3 months.

Fireblade Systems Counter-Strike 1911 Pistol (.45ACP) for Tactical Application by

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