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E-Book on the Colt 1903-08 Hammerless Pistol

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"Just issued, Ebook on the Colt pistols.

Its title : Colt 1903 "Hammerless" by Gérard Henrotin

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Background of the Colt 1903 "Hammerless"

– John Browning and the Belgian firm Fabrique Nationale (FN)
– FN Model 1900
– FN 1903 "Grand Modèle"
– Colt .38 ACP "Pocket model"
– Colt 1903 "Hammerless" : a shorter version of the FN 1903
– Several minor differences between them
– Early version of the Colt 1903 "Hammerless"

Mechanical features of the Colt 1903 "Hammerless"

– Comparison between the Colt 1903 and the 1900’s line
– The slide of the 1903 "Hammerless"
– A thumb safety lever
– For the first time a grip safety
– Offered in caliber .32 ACP and .380 ACP
– Modifications to simplify the takedown procedure
– Production figures of the "Junior"

The Tansley safety

– The Tansley safety functioning
– The Colt 1903 feeding guide & ejector

More mechanical features of the Colt 1903 "Hammerless"

– The striker pin tunnel
– A striker pin made of two parts
– The thumb safety of the Colt "Hammerless"
– The hammer modifications
– The grip safety

Variations & Serial numbers

– Board of serial numbers
– Board of the technical modifications
– Board of the markings

Analyse & comparison of two old Colt "Hammerless"

– Comparison between a .32 ACP and a .380 ACP of 1915-16
– Front sights board
– Extractors board
– Takedown markings board
– Front sights board
– Sear & hammer variations
– Thumb safety designs
– Grip plates designs and logo
– Disconnector’s head housing

Beyond the mechanical features

– Belgian Army proof markings
– Slide serial number markings
– Colt 1903 in .32 ACP delivered to the Belgian Government.
– British proof stamps
– Colt .32 & .380 "Hammerless" delivered to Great Britain

Field stripping & parts of the Colt "Hammerless"

Advanced dismounting of the slide

Advanced dismounting of the receiver

Operation of the Colt 1903 "Hammerless"

– Step by step explanations with fine drawings

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E-Book on the Colt 1903-08 Hammerless Pistol by

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