Addendum: Advanced Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Clandestined Carry

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Defrev has received the second "card"-like edged weapon. This "card" is thicker than the one discussed in our previous story titled "Advanced Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Clandestined Carry: Reloaded"
, but it’s every bit as sharp. Actually, it might be even sharper. This new item is sharpened in the same fashion as the thinner "card", and is made out of the same high-tech material.

For the physical specs on this new clandestined edged weapon, you can read…

them in the previous story. The material that is used, when it is sharpened, appears to take on a kind of micro-serration along the edge. This is most likely because it’s basically a hardened fabric composite. This new item can mimmic a travel item that is usually openly visible while travelling. It’s pretty slick.

For more information on obtaining this new high-tech thick travel "card" clandestined edged weapon, please contact contact Anthony Taylor by phone at (203) 431-9237, or via email at [email protected].

Addendum: Advanced Synthetic Edged and Pointed Weapons for Clandestined Carry by

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