DSA LE MRP ZM4 5.56 AR-15/M16-Based Carbine for LE SWAT and 1st Responders

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by David Crane
[email protected]"

DSA Inc. has teamed up with Lewis Machine and Tool Co. to produce the DSA LE MRP (Monolithic Rail Platform) ZM4 5.56 Carbine. It’s an interesting package and a continuation of DSA’s aggressive move into the AR-15 market.

The DSA LE MRP ZM4 rifle/carbine, of course, incorporates the…

Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) Quick-Change Barrel System (QCBS), which allows the operator to swap barrels out in less than a minute.

DefenseReview will try to get more information about the DSA LE MRP ZM4 rifle/carbine ASAP, including some hi-res digital pics, so stay tuned.


DSA LE MRP ZM4 5.56 AR-15/M16-Based Carbine for LE SWAT and 1st Responders by

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