Custom Metal Products (CMP) Introduces E-Type Military/Tactical Steel Targets for Combat/Tactical Shooting Training (Pistol and Rifle)

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By David Crane
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October 29, 2013

Custom Metal Products (CMP) just announced their introduction of the E-Type Military/Tactical Targets (steel targets) for combat shooting training to the civilian/commercial shooting market. So, civilian tactical shooters can now train on the same 40×19.5" and 20×19.5" CMP targets as US military operators have trained on for years.

All standard CMP shooting targets utilize 3/8"-thick AR500 hardened steel, but 1/2"-thick AR500 steel targets are available as an option.

The following information comes directly from the company website:

"Military / Tactical Targets

The E-type target has been used for many years for military marksmanship training. Now you can own the same targets being used by the US Army, USMC, US Navy, and US Air Force.

The full size torso target is 40" tall and 19.5" wide. A half torso is also available that is only 20" tall.

Due to the large size of the full torso, an extra heavy duty base is used to support these targets.

All the targets are made from AR500 hardened steel for extreme long life and excellent impact resistance. The standard targets are made from 3/8" thick AR500. 1/2" thick AR500 steel targets are also available.

The targets can be used with all handgun and most rifle calibers. Minimum range is 15 yds for handgun and 100 yds for rifle use. Minimum range is 15 yds for 22 rimfire pistol or rifle.

Maximum velocity at impact is 3000 ft/sec.

Custom Metal Products is the premier source for pistol targets and rifle targets.

About Custom Metal Products
Custom Metal Products is a full line manufacturer of AR500 hardened steel shooting targets for competition, recreational, law enforcement and military use. Our products include IDPA/IPSC, Dueling Trees, Gongs, Swingers, Hostage, Sniper, and Cowboy Action Targets. See all of our product details, including videos on our online store at"

Company Contact Info:

Custom Metal Products (CMP)
5781 Westwood Dr.
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
Phone: 636-329-0142
Fax: 636-329-8937
Email Contact Page:

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Custom Metal Products (CMP) Introduces E-Type Military/Tactical Steel Targets for Combat/Tactical Shooting Training (Pistol and Rifle) by

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