CNBC Investigative Report “Remington Under Fire” Upshot: The Remington X-Mark Pro (TM) Trigger System may be an advisable option for the Remington 700 rifle.

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

October 21, 2010

At least that’s what we took away from it (the program Remington Under Fire). Upon watching the CNBC investigative reportage on the Remington 700 7.62x51mm NATO (7.62mm NATO)/.308 Win. bolt-action rifle (Remington Under Fire), last night, it would appear that–and, again, this is just what DefenseReview (DR) took away from the program–if one has a Remington 700 rifle in one’s inventory, it might not be a bad idea to acquire the new adjustable Remington X-Mark Pro (TM) Trigger System for it. According to the program, The X-Mark Pro (TM) trigger system will prevent the weapon from firing unless the trigger is pulled (unconfirmed/unverified and untested by us). Mind you, we are not advising our readers to purchase the Remington X-Mark Pro (TM) trigger sysem, nor do we have any proof that the X-Mark Pro (TM) trigger system solves the alleged problem that the program discusses. We’ll just say that if it were us, if we owned a Remington 700 rifle (and we do not, at present), whether or not we planned to keep or sell the rifle, we’d prefer to have the X-Mark Pro (TM) trigger system in it, based on watching the program, last night. But, that’s just us.

It’s Defense Review’s (DR) understanding, based on watching the piece, that the X-Mark Pro (TM) trigger does away with the trigger connector and “blocks the entire firing mechanism”. Again, DR doesn’t know whether or not the Remgington X-Mark Pro (TM) trigger system actually solves the alleged trigger mechanism problems outlined in the program. That would be up to an independent trigger mechanism expert or engineer (or group of experts or engineers) to determine.

The “Remington Under Fire” piece discussed a modification to the Remington 700 rifle’s trigger mechanism (including a “blocking mechanism” that keeps the trigger from moving while the safety is on) that was designed and developed in 1947 by long-retired Remington engineer Mike Walker, and subsequently proposed by him to Remingon in August, 1948. Walker’s trigger modification would have, according to the program, cost $.05 (5.5 cents) per gun in 1948.

Remington has just produced some videos in response to the CNBC piece. You can view them by clicking on this link. One of the videos DefenseReview has viewed points out some weapons handling mistakes (regarding safety) made by the CNBC show’s host.

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CNBC Investigative Report “Remington Under Fire” Upshot: The Remington X-Mark Pro (TM) Trigger System may be an advisable option for the Remington 700 rifle. by

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