Caladiom Long-Range Smart Sensor/Camera for Perimeter Security Ops

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By David Crane
defrev at gmail dot com

August 8, 2008

While we're on the subject of perimeter security hardware/technology, we should perhaps mention a very interesting rapidly-deployable "long-range sensor for detection and identification of mobile targets" developed in France called Caladiom. A joint project between Bertin Technologies, CEA/LETI, the National Institute of Advanced Technologies (ENSTA) and the DGA (Délégation générale pour l’armement, or “General Delegation for Ordnance”, which is the French defense procurement agency), Caladiom is essentially a wireless/remotely-operated autonomous (40,000-pixel, each with its own processor) digital electro-optical sensor a.k.a. smart sensor/camera system that can detect, identify and track mobile targets while utilizing only 1.8 watts of power in the process. Caladiom can detect human targets out to 350 meters (approx. 1,148 ft.) and vehicles out to 1,000 meters (approx. 3,281 ft.) without having to make or transmit an image.

Utilizing a programmable digital retina of 200×200 pixels, Caladiom can actually analyze target data to see if a moving target fits into a pre-programmed set of alarm criteria. If so, a CMOS-type daylight camera or micro-bolometer, non-cooled thermal/IR (infrared) detector (8-14 micron range) can switch into image mode and start recording the moving human or vehicle target, if necessary.

Caladiom can operate autonomously for several weeks in remote/isolated or "at risk" zones, or it can be mounted on on unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs)/robots, UAS/UAVs/drones, or in an optically-guided missile.

Company Contact Info:

Delphine Grangier, Communications
Bertin Technologies +33 (0)1 39 30 60 50 Office Email Website

Caladiom Long-Range Smart Sensor/Camera for Perimeter Security Ops by

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