British Army Equips Troops in Afghanistan with Ballistic EyePro from Revision

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by David Crane

The following is a Revision Military Eyewear press release on their Sawfly and Bullet Ant Ballistic Eyewear (BEW):

"British Army Equips Troops in Afghanistan with Protective Eyewear Systems from Revision

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 14:07

Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters first UK regiments issued with new military eyewear systems

MONTREAL, CANADA, Feb. 2, 2005 – Revision Eyewear Inc., developers of unique performance-driven eyewear for military and law enforcement clients worldwide, today announced that its Sawfly™ military eyewear system and Bullet Ant™ goggles are currently being used by units of the…

British Army deployed in Afghanistan.

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has taken a leading position by recognizing the critical importance of providing protective eyewear systems to its field personnel deployed in hostile environments. Furthermore, the MoD clearly stipulated the protective eyewear systems must be fully compatible with existing military systems (helmets, night vision, personal weapons, etc.). Revision’s Sawfly™ eyewear and Bullet Ant™ goggles surpass product specification requirements by delivering the highest levels of impact resistance, compatibility, durability, functionality and comfort.

The Sawfly™ military eyewear system was specifically developed for battlefield deployment. The Sawfly™ system consists of high-impact, easily interchangeable one-piece protective polycarbonate lenses (‘clear’ for nocturnal and indoor use, ‘solar’ to reduce outdoor glare and ‘low-light’ to provide high contrast in cloudy or hazy conditions). Lenses lock into a slimline frame with microslot adjustable arms, provide 100% UV protection and have scratch-resistance coating on both sides.

Bullet Ant™ goggles have been tailor-made for optimal compatibility with the British Army’s Mark VI helmet and personal weapons systems. Bullet Ant™ goggles feature interchangeable, high-impact polycarbonate lenses (clear, solar and low-light), a broad field of view, maximum ventilation, a filtration lining that protects against small particles and adjustable strapping for over- and under-helmet use.

"Revision is very proud to be providing protective eyewear systems to the British Army," said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Eyewear. "Our commitment to delivering the highest levels of ocular protection available has now been recognized by one of the best-equipped armies in Europe. Several other NATO armed forces are currently evaluating our products and we look forward to establishing Revision as the standard for military eyewear systems worldwide," Mr. Blanshay added.

About Revision Eyewear:

Revision Eyewear Inc. develops unique performance-driven eyewear for military and law enforcement clients worldwide. Founded on patented technology, Revision products deliver the highest standards of protection, durability, functionality, compatibility and comfort. Military/tactical clients include the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and the Canadian Department of National Defence. Privately owned, Revision is co-located in Montreal, Canada and Williston, Vermont, USA, with offices in London, England."

The following is Revision Military Eyewear company product literature on the Sawfly military eyewear system ballistic eyewear (BEW) as it reads at


Revision develops and delivers innovative ballistic eyewear that is purpose-built to meet tough military assignments. Revision specializes in the introduction of new concepts in eyewear materials, technology and design innovations for military and security applications worldwide. Finding and providing fail-proof solutions is both critical and imperative in these fields, as is the need for 100% performance in all areas of functionality.

Our emphasis is on maximum eye protection for high-threat and hostile environments. All of our protective eyewear provides extreme functionality, comfort and convenience.

Revision is equally qualified, capable and comfortable, whether developing state-of-the-art eyewear solutions for a nation’s armed forces or handling projects for an individual company or industry. Explore mission critical eyewear and equip your armed forces with the best.

The Revision Sawfly shield has proven to be the top performing ballistic eyewear available. Designed for fit, function and comfort, its unmatched level of protection is specifically designed for the military. The curved shield provides an unrestricted field of view and maximum ventilation, while the adjustable arms and neck strap ensure a perfect fit, every time.

Sawfly eyewear has passed stringent military optical tests and provides maximum visual clarity. Easy-to-change specialty lenses offer the ultimate defense against changing light conditions. All lenses provide ballistic resistance and 100% UV A, B and C protection. Sawfly eyewear is also prescription ready with optional Rx inserts.

The matte-black frame locks the lenses securely into place and features straight arms that are very comfortable under both military hats and helmets. The arms provide 1.5 cm adjustability for a personalized fit, with rubber at the ends of the arms to assist grip to the wearer’s head and keep the eyewear firmly in place. The adjustable elastic headstrap allows for additional customization to the fit.

– Certified to ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard
– High velocity impact performance is six-times greater than required by ANSI Z87.1
– CE certified in accordance with EN 166:2001
– Military approved:
– NSN 8465-20-001-1700 (regular size)
– NSN 8465-20-001-1699 (large size)


As our ballistic eyewear is designed to protect the most complex visual tool a soldier posseses, we ensure they can withstand the variety of threats experienced in the field. The images to the right display the results of shotgun testing on our Sawfly shields.

Shield A

– Firearm: Remington Mod. 1187 semi-automatic .12 gauge 28in barrel, Ml choke
– Ammunition: Federal heavy load .12 gauge 1 V4 ounces #6 lead shot.
– Velocity: 396m/s ± 9m/s (1,300fps ± 30fps) at 10m (32.8ft), chronographed

Result: 17 strikes, no penetrations

Shield B

– Firearm: Remington Mod. 1187 semi-automatic .12 gauge 28in barrel, Ml choke

– Ammunition: Federal heavy load .12 gauge 1 V4 ounces #6 lead shot.
– Velocity: 396m/s ± 9m/s (1,300fps ± 30fps) at 10m (32.8ft), chronographed

Result: 22 strikes, no penetrations

Shield C

– Firearm: Diana .177 cal. air-rifle.
– Velocity: 307.85m/s (1,010f/s) at 10m (32.8ft), chronographed

Result: 4 strikes, no penetrations


The ballistic eyewear system consists of interchangeable, one-piece protective shields that lock into a slimline frame with microslot adjustable arms. The deluxe package includes three lenses – smoke colored for sunlight use, yellow for overcast days and clear for night use. They are very quickly and easily interchanged in the frame.

The lens shields are produced of optical grade polycarbonate, provide 100% UV protection and have scratch-resistance coating on both sides. For added comfort, a permanently attached soft nosepiece cushions the bridge.

This eye gear can accommodate optical solutions, such as prescription inserts, as required.

For the Mission Critical Eyewear your personnel deserve to protect their eyes, contact:

Revision Eyewear Inc.
3575 Blvd. St-Laurent
Suite 488
H2X 2T7
Tel: +1 514 849 1874
Fax: +1 514 849 4228

Click here to read the company product literature above at its original location on the website.

You can contact Revision Military Eyewear in the U.S. (Williston, Vermont) by phone at 802-651-9889, by fax at 802-651-9081, or via email at

British Army Equips Troops in Afghanistan with Ballistic EyePro from Revision by

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