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Bravo 18 Zero-Back-Pressure MG Suppressor (ZBPMGS): Full-Auto-Rated Octagonal Machine Gun Silencer/Sound Suppressors for Assault Rifles and Machine Guns: More Accuracy, Less Stress–and No Mirage!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com


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August 7, 2012

While we're on the subject of super-cool advanced suppressors (silencers/sound suppressors), and specifically full-auto-rated assault rifle/machine gun suppressors, we should probably show DefenseReview (DR) readers our photo and video footage of the Bravo 18 Zero-Back-Pressure MG Suppressor (ZBPMGS) octagonal machine gun silencer/sound suppressor hardware/technology that U.S. Machine Gun Armory Director of Research & Development Dr. John Kokinis Ph.D. was kind enough to show us at NDIA Joint Armaments Conference 2012 in Seattle, Washington a few months ago. DR actually took photos of the new muzzle can's internals, as well as the externals, but since we haven't yet been cleared to show them, we're just showing the external photos. Defense Review will of course try to get clearance, ASAP.

The Bravo 18 Zero-Back-Pressure MG Suppressor's (ZBPMGS) elimination of back-pressure increases the weapon's accuracy over standard/conventional suppressors and either eliminates or significantly attenuates/mitigates the usual increased weapon stress and heat that conventional suppressors cause. In addition, the Zero Back Pressure MG Suppressor's octagonal shape redirects the heat coming off the suppressor to the upper sides of the suppressor and thereby negates the normal mirage effect coming off the top of a conventional suppressor.

DR knows how the Bravo 18 suppressor design accomplishes its zero-back-pressure effect, but since we haven't yet been cleared to do so, we'll wait. Once we're cleared, we'll modify this article accordingly with additional information and photos.

The following is a transcript of an excerpted portion of our brief video intereview with Dr. Kokinis on the new Bravo 18 select-fire-rifle/machine gun cans:

Dr. John Kokinis Ph.D.: We use them because they're the best suppressors we've ever encountered for machine guns. There's no back-pressure, and therefore, unlike in the normal case where the bullet trajectory is affected, especially in automatic fire, we can use these suppressors on our machine guns and each shot is unaffected. The accuracy is unaffected by back-pressure in the suppressor.

David Crane: Right, and obviously because of less back-pressure, less stress on the weapons and the components, I guess less heat goin' back in the…

Kokinis: That's correct. And, more accurate.

Crane: And more accurate. And, this, also, one very quick thing, this is an octagonal-designed outer shell, here, and that means that when you have the heat building up, the steam, I guess rises off of these two sides, that he was saying, and so it doesn't come off the center. So, you don't get the normal mirage…

Kokinis: That's correct.

Crane: …that you would get with a non-octagonal suppressor.

Kokinis: That's correct. It's one of the many advantages of this suppressor.

Crane: Right, and obviously the internals are unique, but I don't know what I'm cleared to say about that, so we'll just stop it there.

Company Contact Info:

Bravo 18
529 West 9460 South
Sandy, Utah 84070
Phone: (801) 432-7412
Email: [email protected]
Email Contact Form:

U.S. Machine Gun Armory, LLC.
6300 Sagewood Drive, Suite 415
Park City, UT 84098 USA
Phone: 801-833-4869
Fax: 801-255-9111
Email Sales: [email protected]

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Bravo 18 Zero-Back-Pressure MG Suppressor (ZBPMGS): Full-Auto-Rated Octagonal Machine Gun Silencer/Sound Suppressors for Assault Rifles and Machine Guns: More Accuracy, Less Stress–and No Mirage! by

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