“BRAIN WARS”: The Truth about PTSD, and How Veterans Can Overcome It’s Grip

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By Tim James

October 11, 2019

A small boy jumps out of the ditch with a rifle aimed at you and the soldiers in your unit. You have just arrived in Afghanistan and it’s your first tour. You’re driving down a hot, dusty road, and you’re behind the .50 caliber gun. You were trained to remove empathy and become emotionally numb. You were trained to override doubt and fear. And, most importantly, you were trained how to kill.

You yell to the soldiers inside the vehicle “I don’t want to kill the little boy!” They yell back “Take him out before he takes us out!” You yell back again “I don’t want to kill the boy!” They yell back at you louder this time and with an absolute sense of urgency and command “Pull it together soldier and take him out now!” There is a slight pause… but with the intense pressure from the situation, and from your team, you feel your finger slowly squeezing the trigger as your combat training kicks in. You cut the child in half…and your life will never be the same. Ever.

Currently, 1 in 5 US Military personnel will suffer some form of PTSD, and half of them will never receive treatment. Here are some of the top reasons why treatment is never sought out:

⦁ Many of them are not good at asking for help, because they were trained that way.
⦁ Long wait times to receive mental health treatment is discouraging.
⦁ Concerns that the VA has inadequate treatment for mental health.
⦁ Long travel distances to receive care.
⦁ Fear of being seen as a weak person.
⦁ Embarrassed to have others think of them as someone with mental problems.
⦁ Shame over needing to seek mental health treatment.

Another chilling statistic Veterans face is the amount of substance abuse. A study by The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) showed that in 2008, active duty personnel and veterans abused prescription drugs at more than twice the rate for the civilian population.

“At the National Veterans Foundation (NVF), many of the crisis calls we handle begin with issues of isolation and loneliness. Untreated, this can lead to substance abuse, relationship problems and violent behavior,” states the NVF.

Veterans are also prone to developing debilitating autoimmune disorders. The tremendous amount of stress that military personal endure put them at higher risk for developing these autoimmune disorders, and this is especially true for veterans that have PTSD.

Over half of military veterans have chronic pain, which is a clear sign of inflammation from injuries and overuse of the body.

Veterans’ chemical exposure to nerve agents, anthrax injections, burning trash and other toxic chemicals bioaccumulate in their blood, fat and muscle tissue, leading to what is called a body burden. These concentrated chemicals and toxins in the body drive down the immune system and make the individual much more susceptible to sickness, low energy, and mental fog, and can magnify the symptoms of PTSD.

Roughly 20 veterans commit suicide daily, and of those, about 70% were not seeking help. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. Just to put it into perspective; that’s equal to the same amount of deaths (2,996) as the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 every 5 months!

This scenario in the opening paragraph where the soldier had to kill the young boy with the rifle is just one of many emotionally damaging events that military personnel face frequently in combat. It makes complete sense that it is these extreme situations that cause PTSD. However, as troubling and gut wrenching as these combat scenarios are, they’re not the underlying cause of PTSD, even though they definitely leave deep emotional scars on the soldiers that had to endure such tragic situations.

What also causes PTSD is the US military’s training, itself. This is why many veterans that have never been deployed find themselves struggling with their civilian lives after service, just like those that were in combat.

Military training is great for a soldier to carry out his or her duties effectively. However, when their service is over, reintegrating back into a normal life with the general population and having loving relationships becomes a huge problem.

When veterans with PTSD return to civilian life, they can get triggered simply by someone doing something while driving in traffic, so much so, that they want to chase them down because of how they were trained, and all they went through.

Military training is designed to remove empathy, which is great for combat, but not effective in a marriage. They teach them to be emotionally numb, which allows them to kill without hesitation, but that’s not a great trait to have when raising children or dealing with people on a daily basis.

The military also removes comfort and the ability to ask for help. Again, this hardens the soldier for battle while making them self sufficient, yet makes it almost impossible for them to seek support.

For those Veterans and military personnel suffering with PTSD, there’s now a simple 5-Step Plan that can be stacked together to help them tremendously. We’ve found in our health coaching program that a combination of maximizing health through the power of detoxing the body and being able to share their struggles openly with other soldiers and professional counselors is a gamechanger.

Step #1 Hydrate with Purified Water: Our bodies are made of mostly water, and 95% of people, including veterans, are not drinking enough of it. And, what they are drinking is polluted today. Not drinking enough pure water lowers energy levels, reduces brain function and reduces the body’s ability to remove waste matter and toxins.The guideline to follow here is to drink half your body weight in liquid ounces of purified water daily. For example a 200 pound person would consume 100 ounces of purified water daily. A 100 pound person would consume 50 ounces of liquids per day. This simple strategy is overlooked completely by most people, including medical professionals, even though the human body is made mostly of water.

Step #2 Clean Your Gut: The digestive tract is the driving engine of the body, and it needs to be clean and healthy to operate properly. Its main job is to digest food and get the nutrients into the bloodstream so our cells can get the microscopic fuel they need to operate properly. Unfortunately, most of us eat the Standard American Diet that is made up of a lot of processed, cooked, pasteurized, irradiated, genetically modified and chemically infused food. These foods and toxins build up inside the digestive tract to the point now where the average American is carrying around 6-12 pounds of impacted fecal material and toxins. This “crap” needs to go because it is the root of almost all health issues today. And, in the case of PTSD, it just makes matters worse. The pathway of digestion and elimination must be cleaned and maintained… this is foundational to proper health. We recommend a simple daily detox regiment consisting of a 1000-year-old ancient formula from India that is super-gentle to start cleaning up the gut, and to keep it that way. This is a doctor-formulated product made of real food with no sugar, that is super gentle (no diarrhea), and is safe for long-term use.

Step #2 (Continued) The Daily Detox for Toxins: The reality is that most Americans, including Veterans and active duty military personnel, are completely toxic from the inside out, including the blood, fat and muscle tissue. Type the words “umbilical cord chemical” into your web browser and you will see articles going back to 2005 showing that we humans are now polluted with toxic chemicals as we are born. These toxins along with heavy metals and radiation cause cancer and destroy our immune systems. Then, as we age, these microscopic toxins bioaccumulate even more. This is described as a body burden, and in the case of PTSD, it can make the situation much worse. So, common sense tells us that we need to get that stuff out to allow the body to function properly. To do this, we recommend a doctor-formulated, washed zeolite/herbal formula that was originally made for military personnel to help remove the microscopic depleted uranium dust from exploding tank rounds. This is a simple way to start sweeping out the microscopic enemies that are winning the silent war with our immune system.

Step #3 Nutrition: Unfortunately, due to poor farming practices from big agriculture, 85% of the nutrients in the soil where our food is grown… is gone. This means that unless you’re eating sprouts or fresh picked veggies from your own garden year round, most of us are operating on about 15% of the fuel nature intended. This is why it is critically important to supplement our diets today with a doctor-formulated concentrated green juice superfood blend. This makes replacing what’s missing in our soil simple, and it only takes one minute per day–no juicing required, and no clean up. Veterans suffering from PTSD will get a huge boost of energy as their body starts the repair process, as it’s supplied daily with the fundamental building blocks of health.

Step #4 Build Up Your Gut Bacteria: Roughly 70% of our immune system is the bacterial flora in our gut. That beneficial bacteria should weigh about 3-5 pounds, and it’s our primary defense against all harmful organisms as they enter the body. Many of these bacteria have been destroyed by toxins and stress. They must therefore be built back up to improve digestion, elimination, mental clarity and mood. Most of our serotonin (our happy juice) is produced in the gut. So, when we build these good bacteria back up, we’re also giving ourselves a huge boost in happiness and feeling good about ourselves. More and more people, including doctors, are learning about the significance of the “Gut-Brain” connection, especially in the case of improving PTSD symptoms.

We recommend a doctor-formulated probiotic/prebiotic formula to anchor down the rebuilding of these beneficial bacteria that we desperately need. We also recommend getting outside and getting dirty. Walk barefoot or play in the mud with your kids. The beneficial bacteria we need actually live in the soil. The more you’re outside and in contact with mother earth, the more bacteria will enter your system. We even breathe bacteria in through our lungs. This is why people with pets on average have stronger immune systems than those who don’t have pets. Pets bring the good bacteria into the house and expose us to them, so hug your pets! We also recommend eating fermented foods like raw sauerkraut and kimchi. Warning!: Stay away from the yogurt scams. By law, commercially sold yogurt has to be pasteurized (basically cooked at high temperatures) which KILLS the probiotics in them, making them useless. Most yogurts however are full of sugar which leads to weight gain. Plus, our stomach acid will kill most of it anyway. Spore-based probiotics like the ones in the formula we mentioned are the best because they don’t die in the stomach acid. They’re powerful, so start slow. And, in the beginning, we’ve found that consuming them with food is the way to go. You can then try them without food after a few months.

Step #5 Share Your Struggles with Other Veterans & Seek Professional Help. Many Veterans suffering from PTSD find it difficult to share how they’re feeling with anyone because they’re ashamed to do so. Veterans know that other Veterans are always out there for each other, but they’ve gotta’ take the first step and display the courage to go get help!

When it comes to a Veteran seeking professional help, there are two challenges. One, many Veterans have lost faith in the V.A. due to long wait times, discouraging personnel, and complicated benefit applications.

Second, the shame veterans feel also keeps them from getting professional help, especially those who have only been in combat once, or in service for a short period of time. Seeking professional help is very important. We recommend veterans don’t just settle with the first counselor, therapist or psychologist. They should see 3,4,5, or more professionals until they find one that resonates with them. Find someone you actually like, what they say makes sense to you, and that they’re physically healthy themselves. This is important because we should only take advice from people who are healthy and clear minded with a passion to help people. And, for God’s sake, these Veterans risked their lives for our country, so they absolutely deserve to get good help!

We have worked with many veterans dealing with PTSD and pain related issues. It’s clear to us that veterans just need a simple, actionable plan that they can do themselves, and some support to start turning their life around.

The United States has become the country of complexity. Industry and many professions use fancy words that no one understands to make us feel like we don’t know anything. We believe this is all done by design so that we’ll hand our power over to them. And what do we get for it? When it comes to the human body and healing, no scientist or health care professional will ever do a better job than nature.

We firmly believe that the best option is to trust in yourself. Trust in your body’s own ability to heal itself. Work with nature, remove the toxins from the body, and detox the mind. We also believe that we’re tribal in nature and we do much better when we support each other.

Set down your ego, pick up the phone, and reach out to someone you trust to help you. You risked your life by enlisting, and now it’s time for the people who’s freedom’s you protected to give back to you.

If you’re a Veteran with PTSD or know one you would like to help, it is our honor to give them a FREE 30-minute health consultation to help them out. We’ll show them how to put together a plan of action so they can return to civilian life and thrive.

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