Baker Batshield: Advanced Ballistic Shield for LE SWAT Operations.

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Al Baker was at TREXPO West 2004 to display and demonstrate the Baker Batshield, an advanced and novel ballistic shield designed for dynamic LE SWAT operations. More specifically, it’s designed for CQB (Close Quarters Battle).

The Baker Batshield, available in both full-size and compact versions, allows an operator to engage hostile subjects with a shoulder weapon (primary weapon) or pistol (secondary weapon) on the move, while remaining protected against level IIIa ballistic threats over the majority of his body. The operator deploys the weapon by…

aiming and firing it over/through the center shelf of the Batshield. The operator rests the weapon on this shelf and tethers it with the supporting hand.

Here’s a perp’s-eye view of the Baker Batshield being deployed.

Since the Batshield looks like a giant pair of batwings, it might be easy to at first misconstrue it as some kind of crazy gimmick. However, DefRev thinks this would be a mistake, as the Batshield offers some very real real-world advantages over standard "bunker"-type ballistic shields. This is the result of a great deal of tactical thought going into the Batshield’s development. As an aside, DefRev liked the way the Batshield can be carried around comfortably on the operator’s back when not in use.

"Tactical Response" Magazine has published a lengthy and (very) informative article on the Baker Batshield (written by Al Baker, himself) that highlights the features and advantages of the system.

The Baker Batshield website has a page titled "Baker Batshield vs. Conventional ‘Bunker’ Ballistic Shields", that’s also very informative. You can read it by clicking here.

Baker Batshield’s FAQ page offers some more good info on the Batshield.

Click here to visit the Baker Batshield website. LE personnel and organizations interested in acquiring a Baker Batshield should first contact Rick Armellino by phone at 717-569-1860, or via email at [email protected]. Al Baker, the Batshield’s designer/developer, can be reached via email at [email protected].

Click here to read another article on the Baker Batshield, published by "The Police Marksman".

Here are some more Baker Batshield pics:

Pic 1 — Al Baker styling with two of his shields and an M4 R.A.M. (Real Action Marker) force-on-force training weapon.

Pic 2 — Al Baker explains some of the finer points of the Baker Batshield to some law enforcement personnel.

Pic 3 — Al does some more explaining about the system to the same two gentlemen.

Baker Batshield: Advanced Ballistic Shield for LE SWAT Operations. by

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