Aztik 100 Stick-On Composite Up-Armor Solution for U.S. Military Vehicles

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by David Crane

Up-armoring military Humvees has become a major priority for the U.S. military, of late, due to intense media attention to the issue. Armor Systems International (ASI), out of Vancouver, Washington, thinks it has the answer to our military’s problems in this regard. It’s called Aztik 100™ Peel & Stick Instant Armoring System©. Aztik 100 Peel & Stick instant-on composite ballistic vehicular armor is a "lightweight composite protective armor system" that can be instantly applied in the field to any vehicle. According to the company, it is designed to protect against all ballistic threats up to .50 Caliber AP (Armor Piercing/Armor Penetrating) ammo (.50 BMG AP). This, of course, includes versions of the product that will (again, according to the company) protect vehicles against lesser threats, like 7.62x39mm AP (AK-47/AKM) and 7.62x51mm AP .

Application is quick and easy–no muss, no fuss. Basically, you just stick the Aztik 100 Instant Armoring System semi-flexible armor panels onto any smooth-curved or flat vehicle service that you want to protect. Aztik 100 stick-on vehicle armor is reportedly…

just as quick and easy to apply as a bumper sticker. It’s a pretty neat idea, actually. Stick-on NIJ Level III and Level IV lightweight semi-flexible ceramic composite hard armor protection that you can apply instantly to any vehicle at a moment’s notice can come in real handy when a unit/convoy is about to deploy into a hostile zone, and they need to up-armor their vehicles fast, right then and there. Until now, vehicle armor has either had to be applied professionally in a factory setting, or by troops improvising on the run with less-than-optimum field-expedient up-armor solutions.

If you would like to inquire about the Aztik 100™ Peel & Stick Instant Armoring System© flexible armor panels (lightweight semi-flexible composite vehicular armor/vehicle armor), you can contact Armor Systems International (ASI) by phone at 360-993-5181, or toll free at 866-993-5181. You can also email them at

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Aztik 100 Stick-On Composite Up-Armor Solution for U.S. Military Vehicles by

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