ArtisanTony/Taufledermaus “Trifecta Round” 3D-Printed Lead-Tipped Polymer Shotgun Slug Makes It’s Debut

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

May 28, 2013

Some guy nicknamed "ArtisanTony" has designed and developed an interesting 3D-printed polymer shotgun slug called the "Trifecta Round" for an outfit called Taufledermaus. The non-rifled 3D-printed slug utilizes a lead tip for a modicum of stability and a honeycomb-type matrix pattern inside for lightweight strength.

The Trifecta slug predictably doesn't look all that accurate, but they did manage to hit the target (and penetrate it) at close range. A rifled slug would be significantly more accurate and stable. Penetrative ability, while pretty good for a polymer slug, would probably also be improved with some rifling.

Check out the video:

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ArtisanTony/Taufledermaus “Trifecta Round” 3D-Printed Lead-Tipped Polymer Shotgun Slug Makes It’s Debut by

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