Arms Tech Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (TTR-50) .50 BMG

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by David Crane

This one appears to be a rather sweet piece of tactical problem-solving equipment. The Arms Tech Ltd. Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (TTR-50) is a .50 BMG anti-materiel/long-range interdiction (sniper) tool you can take apart, pack up, and carry with you. At 26 lbs empty (unloaded), it’s roughly 6 lbs lighter than the standard McMillan .50 BMG rifle. With the Arms Tech (made in-house) silencer/suppressor attached, total weight (empty/unloaded) comes to slightly over 29 lbs.

According to Arms Tech Ltd., the Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (Arms Tech TTR-50) .50 BMG anti-materiel/sniper rifle is currently the only .50 BMG rifle on the market that can be taken completely down, including the barrel, and then put back together without any…

loss of zero whatsoever. In other words, when you screw the barrel back in, the gun returns to perfect zero.

Nice feature.

Here’s what Arm’s Tech has to say about the Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (Arms Tech TTR-50) .50 BMG anti-materiel/sniper rifle:

"FINALLY, A PRACTICAL HEAVY SNIPER RIFLE. The heavy caliber sniper rifle is nothing new. Since before World War One, various armies have approached the idea of delivering accurate fire at ranges beyond the range of their standard sniper systems and general purpose machineguns (GPMG) with varying degrees of success. One common failing in all previous attempts to build a heavy sniper rifle (HSR) has been the obvious weight and size penalty imposed by these weapons. This transportability problem has limited the tactical utility of these weapons when deployed. Most often, such weapons have been transported tactically in light wheeled vehicles and then transported by foot only for short distances.

ENTER THE TTR-50. Realizing this need for a truly man-portable HSR, Arms Tech LTD developed the TTR-50 shown above. Employing the proven and combat-tested McMillan 0.50 caliber repeater action, this extremely robust and well though out design offers a number of innovations, to include a full diameter bolt with horizontally arrayed lugs, which in turn offers a vastly superior Sako-style extractor system. Further, this 4340-chrome moly receiver has been very carefully heat treated after all machining operations have been accomplished. The bolt, manufactured from 9310 steel, which is a carburized type material, lending itself well to case hardening. The trigger mechanism is set at 3.5 pounds, with a Jewell-type trigger being optional.

What sets the TTR-50 apart from other systems built around the McMillan 0.50 caliber action is the quick disconnecting (QD) barrel system. By the addition of this proven mechanism, the TTR-50 becomes a truly practical and man portable heavy sniper rifle. This QD system, first pioneered on the earlier AT LTD TTR-700 medium sniper rifle, was the first such device to prove that zero can be effectively maintained after removal and reattachment of the barrel. In designing the TTR-50, the developers have thus fielded a highly modular HSR that will allow a sniper team to infiltrate, conduct operations and exfiltrate/extract from the operational area with previously unheard of tactical agility and stealth. Likewise, the applicability of TTR-50 for special operations, parachute and other light forces is not to be overlooked.

DESIGNED FOR SUPPRESSED APPLICATIONS. One of the biggest liabilities of the HSR has traditionally been the unique visual and aural signature produced by these large caliber weapons. During Operation Desert Storm this problem was first noticed by UK and US SOF operators to the extent that several critical engagements were compromised by the unique signature of HSR. To meet this requirement, AT LTD has recently developed the extremely effective MD-50B sound and flash suppressor, which has been adopted in quantity by USSOCOM for use on the Barrett M82A1 rifle. This very robust and proven design is now a standardized component of the TTR-50 heavy sniper rifle when supplied to military and other official customers.

EASE OF MAINTENANCE. Just as is the case with the smaller TTR-700 from which the TTR-50 was largely derived, this new weapon is extremely easy to maintain by virtue of the QD barrel system. Additionally, when the barrel eventually becomes unserviceable over time or when operational requirements mandate a longer or shorter barrel, this simple operation is performed as easily as routine preventive checks and maintenance, thus reducing down time to virtually nil."

Click here to view Arm’s Tech Ltd.’s literature/spec sheet on the Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (TTR-50) .50 BMG anti-material/sniper rifle. It includes a picture of the weapon.

DefRev will try to get pricing information on the Arms Tech Ltd. Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (TTR-50) .50 BMG anti-material/sniper rifle ASAP. In the meantime, you can contact Joe Rustick at Arms Tech Ltd. at 602-272-9045, or via email at

If you would like to read more about the Arms Tech TTR-50 anti-materiel/sniper rifle, the 2004 issue (#26) of "Special Weapons for Military and Police" contains an article on it. The article was written by Al Paulson.

Arms Tech Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (TTR-50) .50 BMG by

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