Arms Tech Minimore-1 (MM-1) Miniature Field Loadable Claymore Mine

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by David Crane

DefRev really likes this little item. It’s called the Minimore-1 (MM-1) Miniature Field Loadable Claymore Mine, and it’s brought to you by the good folks at Arms Tech Ltd., the same people who brought you the Tactical Takedown Rifle Model 50 (TTR-50) .50 BMG anti-materiel/sniper rifle. Looks like they’ve been busy little bees over there.

Basically, the Minimore-1 (MM-1) is a handy little mini-claymore mine that you can load while you’re runnin’ and gunnin’. Here’s what Arms Tech Ltd. company literature says about the Minimore-1 (MM-1) Miniature Field Loadable Claymore Mine:…

"While the five-pound M18A1 has continues to serve admirably as a defensive system, it has evolved little since its first fielding in 1960. In response to a Special Operations requirement for a flexible, lighter and more compact version of this weapon, Arms Tech LTD developed a version that is also quite unique in that it can be “loaded” in the field. The operational and logistical considerations of the MM-1 design are as considerable as they are obvious.

In a SOF application operators can now fill the device once they have entered into the operational area. Further, the MM-1 can be charged with a variety of available commercial or military-grade high explosive or even field expedient explosive. For the explosive ordnance-trained specialist, the MM-1 opens up the possibility for highly flexible applications as well as use in logistically austere environments. For the logistician, the fact that the Minimore-1 is totally inert as delivered from our factory means that no safety considerations need apply during shipment or while in storage.

In tactical use, the MM-1 has another advantage over conventional directional anti-personnel mine designs. The MM-1 occupies only one-third the volume by area of a typical M-18A1. An operator can carry three MM-1s in place of one M-18A1. This affords the operator the ability to carefully emplace multiple MM-1s using Economy of Force, complex “Kill Zones” are easily constructed. In sum – synergy as applied to anti-personnel mine warfare.

The MM-1 can employ the same accessories associated with the M18A1, to include the M40 Circuit Tester and the M57 Electrical Firing Device. Likewise, the MM-1 can employ a #2 Electrical Blasting Cap. The MM-1 is lethal to the same range as the M18 A1 when charged with C-4 explosive. Range and lethality is a function of the type of explosive fill employed."

Click here to read Arm’s Tech Ltd.’s information/spec sheet on the Minimore-1 (MM-1) Miniature Field Loadable Claymore Mine and see a picture of it.

If you’d like to inquire about the Arms Tech Minimore-1 (MM-1) Miniature Field Loadable Claymore Mine (including pricing), you can contact Joe Rustick at Arms Tech Ltd. at 602-272-9045, or via email at

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