AAE Introduces IR-Stealth 5: Thermal/IR Stealth for Jet Aircraft

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Advanced American Enterprise (AAE) recently released information on their thermal/IR (infrared) stealth/camouflage system for jet aircraft (including fighter aircraft a.ka. fighter jets). It’s called IR-Stealth 5 Jet, and it’s designed to protect jet aircraft from being successfully targeted by enemy heat-seeking missiles (all types) by masking the (jet) engine exhaust nozzle/outlet’s thermal/infrared (IR) signature. IR-Stealth 5 Jet is actually an adapter that attaches to the aircraft’s (jet) engine exhaust nozzle/outlet.AAE IR-Stealth 5 Jet Information Sheet (MS Word Document)

Advanced American Enterprise (AAE) can be contacted by phone at 714-287-0490, by fax at 714-870-6385, and by email at [email protected].

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DefenseReview does not know, at this point, how the system works, nor how it is able to withstand the intense heat and speed of a jet fighter aircraft, but the company (AAE) claims that it can.

Here is the link to the AAE’s information sheet on IR-Stealth 5 Jet:…

AAE Introduces IR-Stealth 5: Thermal/IR Stealth for Jet Aircraft by

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