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300 AAC Blackout (300BLK / 7.62x35mm) LVAW (Low-Visibility Assault Weapon) Honey Badger Suppressed Tactical AR (AR-15) SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)/Sub-Carbine Demo Video, and 300 BLK SIG516 (also written SIG 516) Heads-Up

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

November 19, 2011

A two days ago (Thursday), DefenseReview (DR) received a heads-up from our friend Rob Silvers at AAC (Advanced Armament Corp.) about SIG SAUER offering a 300 AAC Blackout (300BLK / 7.62x35mm)-version SIG516 (also written SIG 516) gas piston/op-rod (push-type operating rod) tactical AR carbine (AR-15 carbine) for the civilian tactical shooting/commercial market sometime in 2012. As it happens, your humble correspondent just visited the SIG SAUER plant in Exeter, NH and test-fired the SIG516 Patrol tactical AR carbine at the SIG SAUER Academy tactical training (tactical shooting) range, but the folks at SIG didn’t mention anything about the 300BLK 516 while I was there.

It’s possible that SIG will be displaying it at their booth at SHOT Show 2012 in Las Vegas, but we’re not sure.

Rob was also kind enough to send us a link to a video of him demo’ing a suppressed 300 AAC Blackout LVAW (Low-Visibility Assault Weapon) Honey Badger suppressed tactical AR SBR (Short Barreled Rifle)/sub-carbine at an indoor range. It would appear that the LVAW utilizes an integral suppressor (silencer/sound suppressor), but DR hasn’t yet confirmed this. We did receive the following statement from Mr. Silvers, though, in response to some questions we asked relating the the suppressor type and dB level:

We just measured the dB level. It is as quiet as an MP5-SD but with much more range, power, penetration, and accuracy. We have never said what kind of suppressor it has as it is competition sensitive. There are others developing 300 BLK military weapons.

Anyway, here’s the AAC LVAW Honey Badger video clip:

And, here are some video clips of Defense Review owner/editor-in-chief David Crane firing both a suppressed 300 AAC Blackout tactical AR SBR/sub-carbine and Mk46 Mod 1 machine gun on full-auto at the range during NDIA Infantry Small Arms Systems Symposium 2011 Range Day back in late May (2011) that DR:

Click here to read the link to the original 300 AAC Blackout SIG516 heads-up.

Company Contact Info:

Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC)
2408 Tech Center Parkway, Suite 150
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
Office: 770-925-9988
Fax: 770-925-9989
Website 1:
Website 2:

18 Industrial Drive
Exeter, NH 03833
Phone: 603-772-2302
Fax: 603-772-9082

Commercial Sales
Phone: 603-772-2302

Law Enforcement Sales
Phone: 603-418-8190
Email: [email protected]

Mil/Fed Govt. Sales/Exports
Phone: 603-772-2302
Email: [email protected]

Training Facility for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian personnel

233 Exeter Road
Epping, NH 03042
Phone: 603-679-2003
Fax: 603-679-1639

Remington Arms Company, Inc.
870 Remington Drive
P.O. Box 700
Madison, NC 27025-0700
TEL: 800-243-9700
Fax: 336-548-7801

Military, Law Enforcement, & Federal Agency Sales
TEL: 336-548-8899
Fax: 336-548-8798

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