VLTOR Weapon Systems offering new Carbine Modstock kits.

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Variable1 writes: "Just in time for the sunset of the assault weapons ban, Vltor Weapon Systems ( www.vltor.com ) is offering a new BASIC model of their excellent line of Modstocks. The Vltor Modstock is an updated version of the collapsible stock for the AR15/M16 family of weapons. The main benefits of the stock design is the much improved cheek-weld and the ability to store extra batteries or other parts in its two water resistant storage compartments on both sides of the stock. This compartment will hold any item that is .680 of an inch in diameter or less. Unique to the Modstock design is your choice of either a standard design or a clubfoot design that allows the shooter to achieve a better hold on the stock for precision shooting. The Modstock also has…
built-in mounting points for the Uncle Mikes heavy duty QD sling swivels. These mounting positions make the attachment of a three point sling very easy. The Modstock comes complete with 1 pair of cheek-weld adapters, 1 pair of storage compartments, 1 QD sling swivel, and an excellent owners/installation manual.

The Vltor Modstock is available in both Carbine and Rifle systems. The Carbine models are also available in a combo kit form, and include a receiver extension tube, buffer, buffer spring, receiver plate and locking nut. The Carbine Modstock will ONLY fit military dimension receiver extension. This means those manufactured by Colt, LMT, or Vltor. They will not fit other aftermarket tubes. Just released are the new BASIC kits starting at $99.95 MSRP. It is the same Modstock except it does not include a QD sling swivel or the extra cheek weld adapters. The Rifle model is offered in both A2 length, and a 5/8” shorter A1 length. All the Modstocks are available in black, OD green, and Coyote tan.

After using the Modstock for an extended amount of time I have realized the design improvements over the standard M4 stock is incredible. The Storage compartments on both sides of the stock allow a much improved and repeatable cheek-weld. Also the Clubfoot design really does help when shooting prone or from a bench to achieve more accurate shot placement as well as faster follow up shots. Being able to store extra batteries for your optic on the weapon is a great asset. It never fails that they will die when you need them the most, and if you have to go running around trying to find them, well let’s just say that is not the best situation!

The Modstocks are available direct from Vltor or through many online retailers. I have been carrying the Vltor line at Midwest Tactical ( www.midwesttactical.com ) since 2003, and can easily say they produce one of the best carbine stocks for the AR15/M16 weapons family."

VLTOR Weapon Systems offering new Carbine Modstock kits. by

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