VioPrep 101 Counter-Violence Self-Defense Combatives (Real Fighting) Training AAR: On the Road to ‘Ground W.A.R.’

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I’m writing a review of a mindset/combatives course I took recently with
Justin “Master Chim” Garcia of Jungle Gym Martial Arts, called VioPrep 101. This was an excellent course, and I was excited to take it because I feel that the mental preparation for counter-violence combatives (real fighting) is the most overlooked aspect of training in the responsible armed citizen/concealed carrier area. Figuring out what you are prepared to do, and making all of those decisions prior to having to deploy them in a counter violence incident, is of the utmost importance. Master Chim grasps and teaches these concepts at a level I’ve rarely seen elsewhere. By way of background, I am a 27-year law enforcement officer at both the State and Federal levels. I’ve been a Firearms and DT instructor for over 12 years. I also regularly train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, and have some edged weapons training.

I ultimately decided to take VioPrep 101 with Justin Garcia because I have trained with him before, and know he has solid skill set in both Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and striking. He’s been a black belt in BJJ for over a decade, and has fought professionally in MMA. He also continues to train professional fighters, law enforcement officers (LEO’s), and military operators around the country. Having trained with him before, I enjoy his methodology, and have found him to be one of the best at producing useable, transferable formulas on demand. He keeps techniques and their supporting concepts simple, and builds each one upon the other. Everything is sequential and promotes and facilitates installation and recall of the information. Based on this, I was very interested in what he had developed in the area of mindset for counter violence.

The five main points in this seminar were:

1. Willingness should be a major driver of tactical protocol and design. What we’re willing to do matters.

2. Physical preparation should resemble functional expectations. Your mile time doesn’t matter in a fistfight.

3. If you are physically weaker than anticipated threats, get stronger. Sometimes that means weightlifting. Most of the time it means getting or developing a weapon

4. Mitigating adrenaline dumps and flight responses is a product of pressure-based training or reality- based experience.

5. Conflict has a cadence. If you are matching “minute-moves” to “second situations” (Garcia’s terminology), you’d better be able to time travel.

The VioPrep 101 training day started with mindset, specifically considerations when setting mindset and making those decisions now to mentally prepare. So, when you’re confronted with violence, your response is immediate and without hesitation. The exercises designed for “killing biases” was not only insightful, but easily applied to all
areas of operation.

Garcia then went over EDC (Every Day Carry) options for the CCW [firearm] carrier and those that may find themselves operating in a non-permissive environment. He’s a big believer in strengthening one’s kit with a tactical-ready blade and system. This was evident in his mindset applications for those situations where your firearm may not be an option.

Next were reactionary gap considerations and controlling an optimal range. The attack and range determine your actions. Deploying a firearm at arms length will probably end badly. Just because you have a firearm doesn’t make it a gun problem. Again, Master Chim’s mindset and logic was able to show a consistent process for solving spontaneous obstacles during a conflict.

Following that was Basic Striking for counter violence, not sport or competition, but striking and targeting for a reality-driven conflict. These were basic moves that were effective, easy to learn, and could easily be incorporated into a draw stroke of a pistol or OC Spray. The time devoted to ensuring a consistent movement pattern for both armed an unarmed engagement was noticed and appreciated. Master Chim has done more thinking than most, it would seem, on how and where training meets reality.

Ground-recovery techniques all built on one another, and were a simple well-rounded group of comprehensive techniques, all built on one another. This is probably the area Master Chim is most known for, and it showed. His
ability to empower even the non-grappler from a grounded position was on display with many of the seminar’s participants.

Overall, the VioPrep 101 counter-violence seminar was very beneficial, and I gained a lot of valuable insight from the day. I was able to identify striking and ground techniques that I could make the basis of my training foundation, and got some interesting perspectives on mindset and counter violence. I think this training would be useful for anyone who cares about being a responsible armed citizen, and puts a premium on being able to defend your family and loved ones. I’m looking forward to the next VioPrep seminar, where Master Chim mentioned he’d be revealing his “Ground W.A.R.” system for the first time outside of his personal students.

Company Contact Info:

Justin “Master Chim” Garcia
Jungle Gym Martial Arts
2100 Westchester Ave.
Bronx, NY 10462
Phone: 718-684-5138

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VioPrep 101 Counter-Violence Self-Defense Combatives (Real Fighting) Training AAR: On the Road to ‘Ground W.A.R.’ by

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