Video of Roadside Ambush Against USAF OSI Protective Detail Vehicles in Baghdad

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by David Crane

New DefRev articles are on the way. In the meantime, has some very interesting video footage that, according to one of their sources, is footage of an ambush in Baghdad, Iraq that was perpetrated against a USAF OSI protective detail team on July 13th, 2004. The video footage takes you inside one of the vehicles, as the team is being attacked. You will see explosions occuring in front of the vehicle as the team exfils the area (i.e. gets the hell outa’ Dodge).

In addition to the explosions and gunfire, the conversation inside the vehicle while the attack is occuring was recorded. The roadside ambush occured on a main artery road, right in the city.

The video is available for viewing on the "Shock & Awe" video home page. Click on the link below to go there, now:…,14287,,00.html

Click here to go directly to the Baghdad ambush video. You will have to sign up as a member in order to view the video, but the process is pretty quick and easy.

The video is educational and definitely worth watching.

To see how the right front side of the vehicle looked after the ambush, click here.

Click here to view the right rear side of the vehicle, post-ambush.

We’d like to thank "Defense Tech" for alerting us to the Baghdad ambush video at

Video of Roadside Ambush Against USAF OSI Protective Detail Vehicles in Baghdad by

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