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Video Clip: U.S. Sniper Team Engages Hostile Enemy Targets in Iraq

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by David Crane

Just in case any of our readers haven’t seen this, yet, has an interesting "Viral Video" clip that puts the viewer inside a helicopter in Iraq (urban environment), and then puts you right there with a sniper team engaging hostile enemy targets (i.e. insurgents/terrorists) from a rooftop (again, inside Iraq). According to DefRev member "morini" (comment below), the engagement video’d took place in April 2004 when Sadr’s militia overran Najaf, and the building/structure the sniper is shooting from is CPA headquarters.  So far, this information is unconfirmed/unverified.  And, we’ve subsequently received information via email that the sniper/long-range interdiction specialist featured in the video clip is a PSC (Private Security Company) operator (unconfirmed unverified) employed by Blackwater Security Consulting, which is a division of Blackwater USA. This information is also unconfirmed/unverified.

We highly recommend that you take a look at it. 

Here’s the link (below):

Click here to access the ifilm "Viral Video" clip, titled Mercenary Sniper in Iraq [2005]


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Video Clip: U.S. Sniper Team Engages Hostile Enemy Targets in Iraq by

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