Ultimax 100 LMG Now Being Marketed in the U.S. by Class III Supply.

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Class III Supply, out of Hermitage, PA, is now marketing what is definitely the lightest, and probably the best 5.56/.223 light machine gun in the world, currently in production. Designed by the great Jim Sullivan(who is still alive, by the way), and manufactured by ST Kinetics out of Singapore, the Ultimax 100 5.56 LMG is gas operated and uses the "constant recoil principle", where the bolt/bolt carrier assembly runs out on the spring, and does not impact the rear of the receiver. This allows the gunner to stay on target, and not have to fight to control the gun under recoil, in order to keep it from rising. This is a huge advantage in a firefight, and gives the operator a far greater chance of hitting moving targets in a fluid combat environment.

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Many very experienced and knowledgable people in the firearms community and our military believe that our troops should currently be using Ultimax 100’s instead of FN 249’s, which is the current weapon being used by our Armed Forces in the LMG role. The Ultimax is not only much lighter, but is also supposed to be significantly more reliable and durable in the field. The gun weighs in empty at 10.5 lbs.

Click here to visit Class III Suppy’s website. If you want to view their Ultimax 100 page, click on this link.

Go to ST Kinetic’s Weapons Group Page see their Ultimax 100 brochure. Be advised that the brochure itself is in PDF format.


Ultimax 100 LMG Now Being Marketed in the U.S. by Class III Supply. by

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