The Intervention: A New Tactical Sniper Rifle by Cheyenne Tactical LLC

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Defense Review has recently discovered a new rifle. It’s a unique combination of state-of-the art sniper/anti-material rifle technology, and caliber. The Intervention rifle is chambered in the .408 Cheyenne Tactical cartridge. The rifle is the result of a collaberation between Cheyenne Tactical LLC and EDM Arms, maker of the Windrunner .50 BMG rifle.

The Intervention is basically a .50 Windrunner that’s been reduced in size by 33%. It weighs 21 lbs, as opposed to 32 lbs for the .50 BMG rifle. The chief developer of this system, Dr. J.D. Taylor, claims accurate hits at significantly greater distances than has, up to now, been possible. Dr. Taylor developed this rifle for the purpose of equipping special operations teams with a weapon that can reach out well past the conventional distance of 1000 yards.

With this weapon, a sniper or special operations team can engage a target while remaining outside the engagement envelope of enemy snipers. Not only is the Intervention rifle easier to haul than the .50 Windrunner rifle, but so is its ammunition. A team can carry 33% more .408 more rounds than .50 BMG rounds at the same weight. The only drawback, compared to the .50 bmg, is in the antimaterial role at shorter distances. Within 1,000 yards, the 50 BMG has a bit more punch.

Defense Review hopes to be able to test the Intervention rifle in the not too distant future. CLICK HERE to visit Cheyenne Tactical’s site, and learn more about the Intervention.

The Intervention: A New Tactical Sniper Rifle by Cheyenne Tactical LLC by

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