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TangoDown Vertical Foregrip for your Rifle, Carbine, or CQB Subcarbine.

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by David Crane

The TangoDown M16/AR-15/M4 Vertical Grip (vertical foregrip), made by TangoDown, LLC/Buffer Technologies has received many highly positive reviews from some very knowledgable and experienced people, since it was first introduced. In fact, DefRev has yet to hear even one negative thing about it. The TangoDown vertical foregrip is designed to fit any MilSpec (i.e. Mil-Std) M1913 Picatinny rail system, and "can withstand punishing abuse mounted on weapon systems from the M4 Carbine to the Mk. 48 SAW."

The following passage will tell you everything you need to know about the TangoDown Vertical Foregrip, and comes from TangoDown, LLC’s/Buffer Technologies’ "M16/AR-15/M4 Vertical Grip" page:…

"TangoDown LLC’s new vertical grip features the next generation of life-saving utility and strength. Designed to fit any Mil-Std 1913 rail, this product can withstand punishing abuse mounted on weapon systems from the M4 Carbine to the Mk. 48 SAW.

Created in 3D computer modeling and Injection molded from high tech polymers, this grip possesses a new level of ergonomic comfort. A large, smooth shape devoid of sharp edges allow the hand to firmly grasp the weapon without fatigue. The cylindrical form also allows the operator to rotate his weapon around barriers without a shift in grip. Softly radiused ridges provide maximum retention under full-auto fire. The end cap is easy to manipulate with gloved fingers, in all weather conditions.

Combat weapons often take brutal impact in stride that have easily damaged tactical accessories. Often, loosening or outright separation of critical components can jeopardize missions at the worst possible time. Can’t happen with this grip. The locking mechanism is redundant, featuring twin spring-driven locking bars that positively engage the cross cuts of the Mil-Std 1913 rail. Once locked, no fore-aft movement can take place, even under significant force. The locking bars are tough injection molded resin that are wedge shaped in cross section that will compensate for wear. The spring is heat treated corrosion-proof stainless steel The ‘dovetail’ profile is actually machined in the housing, to guarantee a perfect no-wobble fit on any Mil-spec rail system. Installation/removal is fast and simple and require no tools.

Vertical fore grips are often called upon to mount pressure switches for lasers and tactical lights. In the past, Velcro or adhesive tape were less- than satisfactory methods of securing the pressure switch to the grip. Heat, rapid movement and heavy gloves often rip the switch loose with obvious consequences. The Tango grip features a novel pocket that appears when needed, to positively mount pressure switches without movement or damage. Just remove the threaded end cap, slide out the filler panel and place inside the grip for storage. Just replace the panel with your pressure switch and replace the end cap to lock the switch in place. Quick and easy, allowing fast mount and dismount of lights and lasers.
Today’s remote battlefield finds fast-moving operators having seldom opportunity for resupply. Crucial spares need to be carried and centralized for combat survivability.

The Tango grip has internal storage to spare, for spare weapon bolt assemblies, extra batteries, medical supplies or any other mission specific items. The threaded end cap has a large diameter O-ring to protect its contents to 66 feet.

The TangoDown vertical grip model BGV-MK46 comes with full instructions and wire cables."

The TangoDown vertical foregrip (a.k.a. "TangoDown M16/AR-15/M4 Vertical Grip") retails for $62.95 US.

You can contact TangoDown, LLC/Buffer Technologies by phone at 877-628-3337 (877-6-BUFFER), or via email at

Click here to visit the TangoDown, LLC/Buffer Technologies M16/AR-15/M4 Vertical Grip page.

TangoDown Vertical Foregrip for your Rifle, Carbine, or CQB Subcarbine. by

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