BATTLEGRIP for your AR-15/M16 Rifle, M4/M4A1 Carbine, or CQB Subcarbine

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by David Crane

If you decide to check out the TangoDown vertical foregrip, you might also want to take a quick look at Buffer Technologies’ BATTLEGRIP, which they’ve designed specifically for AR-15/M16 series rifles and M4/M4A1 carbines. The BATTLEGRIP is an ergonomic, highly durable "rubberized" pistol grip/battery storage system that can simultaneously store two Aimpoint CompM2-type batteries AND two AA or 123 Lithium batteries (for a Surefire flashlight/tactical white light, for instance), internally. The BATTLEGRIP’s internal storage compartment is waterproof, dustproof, and "rattle-resistant".

The Buffer Technologies BATTLEGRIP page contains the full story. Here’s what it says:…

"A pistol grip designed for the M4/M16/AR-15 series rifles with features previously unavailable in a combat-quality grip. Along with superior ergonomic form that provides substantial shooter comfort over any other grip, BATTLEGRIP has the ability to internally store two Aimpoint-type batteries in addition to two AA or 123 series Lithium batteries all in a water, dust, and rattle-resistant cavity sealed by an easy-to-access cover.

The batteries contained inside of the BATTLEGRIP’s indestructible Nylon/glass-fill housing are for immediate use and can be removed in a second for installation in night vision, IR, visible LASER aimers, high-intensity white light, and Aimpoint/Eotech-type LED sights. Other battery storage combinations can be achieved using supplied spacers.

Brutal combat pushes warriors and equipment beyond all limits, and back-up is crucial for mission success. BATTLEGRIP has the ability to provide back-up power no matter what the tactical situation due to its Patent Pending cover design. Water and dirt cannot penetrate its multiple seals, yet it can be easily operated by wet gloved hands even in the dark and the cover is permanently bonded to the grip to prevent loss.

The flexible elastomer cover is impervious to the effects of cleaning solvents and lubricants and is designed to take a pounding. The grip housing itself is injection molded of ultra-high impact reinforced resin that has a tensile strength approaching that of aircraft grade aluminum. No other grip can come close to the survivability of BATTLEGRIP.

BATTLEGRIP model BG-16 fits all M4/M16/AR-15 series rifles and clones, Armalite AR-10, Knights SR-25, and Barrett M82 .50 heavy rifles. Any rifle configured to accept a standard M16/AR-15 pistol grip will accept BATTLEGRIP. Packaged inside are grip, installation tool, battery spacers, mil-spec stainless steel Dry-lok fastener and complete instructions."

Retail price on the Buffer Technologies BATTLEGRIP Battery Storage System is $31.95 US.

You can contact Buffer Technologies by phone at 877-628-3337 (877-6-BUFFER), or via email at

Click here to visit the Buffer Technologies BATTLEGRIP Batter Storage System page.

BATTLEGRIP for your AR-15/M16 Rifle, M4/M4A1 Carbine, or CQB Subcarbine by

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