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New MOUT Tactics: Mirror-based Sighting Devices For Tactical Small Arms

By GySgt Will Falcon, USMC (res.) Tampa, Florida October 16, 2007 One of the primary challenges of MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) / Urban Warfare Operations (a.k.a. Urban Combat Ops) is how to use the urban surroundings so that the physical environment becomes an advantage rather than a handicap to our soldiers. Accomplishing this goal will provide both defensive …

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ShieldShot Tactical Mirror Sight/BUIS for Around-the Corner Shots

by David Crane david at defensereview.com This is just a quick heads-up on the ShieldShot Tactical Mirror Sight/BUIS for around-the-corner engagements. It’s made by ShieldShot, Ltd. out of Austin, Texas. The sight is designed so even the operator’s hands stay behind cover while he aims and shoots. The ShieldShot Tactical Mirror/BUIS also allows you to shoot under vehicles, over walls, …

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