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C-More Systems XM-26 Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS) for Military SPECOPS

by David Crane david@defensereview.com DefenseReview published a short piece on the C-More Systems XM-26 Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS) underbarrel-mounted mag-fed shotgun, awhile back. The C-More XM-26 LSS is designed to be mounted underneath an M4/M4A1 Carbine. More specifically, the XM-26 Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS) was designed to replace the Masterkey underbarrel-mounted shotgun system. The primary purpose for the Masterkey was …

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C-MORE Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS): A Little Shotgun with Your Rifle?

by David Crane david@defensereview.com U.S. Army TRADOC (Training and Doctrine Command) has published a story on the Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS), made by C-MORE Systems. You can view it by clicking here. The Lightweight Shotgun System (LSS) has been developed under the U.S. Army’s Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab (DBBL). You can see a… picture of the LSS by clicking here. …

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