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FreeLinc FreeMotion 200 Wireless Tactical Comms Headset: Secure Wireless Tactical Communications Bubble

by David Crane david at defensereview.com A company called FreeLinc recently introduced a tactical headset for military Special Operations Forces (SOF), law enforcement swat teams, and PSC/PMC PSD/Security Operators called the FreeMotion 200 that represents a significant development in secure tactical communications–the key word being "secure". Of course, there are a number of companies out there making high-quality tactical headsets …

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RAPID 40 Fast-Deployable Field Phone: 1st New Field Phone Tech Since WWII

by David Crane david@defensereview.com DefenseReview recently received an email communication from Bill Pegler, CEO of Television Equipment Associates, Inc. (TEA), about an interesting tactical communications (a.ka. tactical comms) product that TEA is currently marketing. It’s called the RAPID 40 Field Telephone System and it was designed and developed specfically for tactical military communications (tactical military comms). According to Mr. Pegler, …

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